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Bitcoin or any other cryptoactive, It is widespread penetration of cryptocurrency into our lives that has led many developers to release not only the usual stock exchanges for the sale of assets, but also the creation of exchanges specifically related to cryptocurrency. One of the examples of good cryptocurrency exchanges will just be a project on our today’s review – Ethershift. but also to the creation of exchanges specifically related to cryptocurrency.

What is Ethershift ?

Ethershift is the new Exchange ERC20 token that provides the easiest way to acquire new and new markers before listing their large exchanges! A service that allows users to quickly and easily exchange between different ERC20 tokens at a market rate minus a commission, without any difficulty in registering at the stock exchange or learning how to use a decentralized exchange, such as IDEX.

Decentralized exchanges, such as IDEX, are amazing, but many average cryptocurrency investors feel that they are too complicated, and therefore many excellent projects never get the impact they deserve. Ethershift makes the process of acquiring the best and new and affordable tokens easier than ever before.

Here are some problem that we often face :

  • Cryptocurrency as a financial instrument has led to the emergence of many different exchanges, with their own advantages and disadvantages. Having a large volatility, many traders are forced to wait for confirmation of transactions and probably this is a significant disadvantage. After all, often the course may change not for the better for the trader.
  • The second minus, after adding a token to a large stock exchange, often happens so that the course often goes in a negative direction.
  • The third drawback, it often happens that Asian projects add their tokens to the exchanges in their location and investors cannot register on their exchanges.
  • The fourth minus, for many medium and small investors, is the problem of personal identification (KYC).
  • The fifth minus, many projects and can not go to the stock exchange at all. There are many factors, from unsuccessful negotiations with the exchanges, to the slow development of the project.
  • The sixth minus, fees, on all exchanges, they are different and require careful calculation from your side.

What Does Ethershift Problem Solve ?

After the completion of ICO tokens, tokens are usually sent to investors immediately. Listing on large exchanges takes a lot of time and money and is usually not a quick process, if it ever happens at all.

There are several decentralized exchanges that allow you to get first access to these tokens, but they are difficult to use for the average investor. Since the process of acquiring these tokens seems difficult for the average buyer, most of them simply will not buy them, and waiting until they are listed on the larger exchanges, and by that time they have already missed the big winnings. Ethershift lists and issues tokens on the same day they are released from their ICO and are available on the market.

This is how Ethershift works

To exchange tokens, users send the value to a special address (which indicates the type of token that they would like to receive back), and the exchange value will be sent back to the address to which they sent the original markers.

This user experience is realized by exchanging exchanges with hot wallets, and then reflecting trade (at a reliable equivalent rate) on exchanges and rebalancing exchange / hot wallets.

Ethershift takes a reduction in profit (half of it as an input token, half of it as an output token) to take into account the risk of exchange rate changes.

Third parties can integrate Ethershift into their own systems and receive 50% revenue from use through the Ethershift API. The internal service is an application written in Node JS, running on Amazon EC2. To access the Ethereum network, a full node is installed on the server, and the internal service communicates with it through its JSONRPC API. The service uses a SQL database to track profits.

ICO Information

So it’s time for what I brought you the whole article, namely the information regarding ICO. The preliminary sales stage has now been completed, so there’s nothing to say about it. The main stage of sales will be held in 2 stages, each of which will have its own prices and goals.

  • Date of the 1st stage of the main sales: November 5, 2018 – November 18, 2018
  • Date of the 2 stages of the main sales: December 3, 2018 – December 16, 2018
  • Hardcap (Stage 1): 6,250 ETH
  • Hardcap (Stage 2): 25,000 ETH
  • Pricing for 1 sales stage: 1 ETH = 400 Ethershift tokens
  • Priced at 2 stages of sales: 1 ETH = 200 Ethershift tokens

It is also interesting that all the tokens that were not sold out of the number planned were burned.

The project team:

Who will be able to implement such useful ideas into reality? The answer suggests itself, of course, this is the Ethershift development team. The team includes people with education in the field, which is necessary to create the highest quality product on the blockchain. All members of this team can be found in the following picture.

Road map:

Further, in detail we will look at the roadmap of the project and the goals that are set here by the team.

Q1 2018:

  • Idea creation and planning
  • Development version 1.0 of the Ethershift product

Q2 2018: 

  • Launch of the site
  • Listing over 25 tokens
  • Team building

Q3 2018:

  • Announcement of the ICO project
  • Begin Development of Ethershift Wallet
  • Start developing the Scan & Go feature

Q4 2018: 

  • More than 50 tokens will be added to the platform.
  • Ethershift Wallet Release
  • Conducting a massive marketing campaign

Q1 2019:

  • Release of the Scan & Go feature
  • ATM integration
  • First airdrop project


In conclusion, I would like to say that the goals stated by the project are really suitable for me, since I myself often encounter large commission fees during the trading operations with cryptocurrency. If the Ethershift team intends to significantly improve cryptocurrency exchanges by creating their product, then it is obvious that they will have success and support in this.

For further information about ethershift come to visit :

Website –
Whitepaper –
Bitcointalk ANN Thread – https: // bitcointalk .org / index.php? topic = 4965937.0
Telegram –
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Instagram – https : //

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