Ethereum Classic Vision Overview

Ethereum is unstable 

A “bomb of complexity” is embedded in the Ethereum code — a code fragment that reduces the mining efficiency of new blocks until the verification process completely stops — this is called the Ethereum Ice Age. None of the improvement proposals offer a real solution – and the promised transition to the Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism is still ahead.

Miner rewards will be reduced, and rents will be introduced for smart contracts. Giant mining pools will receive more and more energy, and individual mining will lose its economic meaning. Ethereum has let its supporters down – and its price will continue to fall. Ethereum Classic Vision is the ultimate answer to the current market challenges.

About Ethereum Classic Vision

Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard fork of Ethereum that use the best of the two worlds – genuine decentralization of Ethereum Classic and front line conventions created for ETH, for example, PoS mining and sharding.

Project Objectives

We believe that many technological solutions developed by the Ethereum Foundation and the community should be implemented as soon as possible, and not after a few years, as it seems to be done with Proof-of-Stake and sharding. We do not agree with which direction Ethereum is heading, namely in the direction of greater centralization and higher fees. We want to preserve the original decentralized spirit of Ethereum – the great cryptocurrency, which, unfortunately, was abandoned by its main development team, and it probably will not survive.

We hope to achieve a full transition to mining and testing PoS much faster than it does on the Ethereum network; The same goes for sharding. We will ensure that smart contract owners continue to pay only a one-time deployment fee and don’t have to pay storage fees, as Vitalik Buterin recently announced. Finally, we are planning to integrate with IPFS decentralized storage and embedded decentralized exchange to turn Ethereum Classic Vision into a complete environment for developing and deploying new digital resources.

Why Ethereum Classic Vision ?

Ethereum Classic Vision joins each of the three highlights that a genuinely effective blockchain must have: decentralization, adaptability, and security. It offers various huge points of interest over ETH, ETC, and BTC:

  • Proof-of-Stake: An increasingly proficient, secure, and productive mining convention that will keep the system completely decentralized.
  • No rental storage fee: Launching a brilliant contract will bring about an insignificant one-time expense; unused contract can be set in transitory rest state because of a vote.
  • Sharding: ETCV system will have the capacity to process 25000+ exchanges every second when contrasted with only 25 in ETH.
  • IPFS integration: Cheap decentralized record stockpiling for your dApp.
  • Fair rewards: ETCV excavators don’t have to stress that their reward will be subjectively brought down – in our framework, digger and broker interests are cautiously adjusted.

The Advantages of Ethereum Classic Vision

  • Resource efficiency: Lower costs imply that ETCV digging will be beneficial for individual excavators with equipment as straightforward as Raspberry Pi
  • Stability : ETCV holders win more coins by staking them, so there is no thought process to move – subsequently, the cost of ETCV will rise relentlessly as opposed to diving
  • Security: If a square validator disrupts the guidelines or acts vindictively, they lose their staked store and status
  • Real decentralization : There is no hazard that huge mining pools will assume control over the control of the ETCV blockchain – it will stay autonomous from any focal expert

Reward program

Ethereum Classic Vision hard fork – January 11, 2019

A preview of the ETH system will be gone up against January 11, 2019. ALL clients who hold ETH in their own wallets right now of the depiction will get 3 ETCV per each ETH after the fork.

Note: you should hold ETH in your own wallet (Jaxx, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano, and so on.) to get your free ETCV after the fork. Trade wallets are not acknowledged!

For more information, you can find the links:

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