EtainPower – Decentralized Platform for Renewable Green Energy

Today, everybody in the whole world uses electricity, applying it in many areas of life, enterprises rely heavily on this resource as an energy source for the smooth operation of equipment and the entire process as a whole. It is produced mainly by burning various minerals, which in turn can release harmful impurities, gas, and have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

Energy distribution is carried out by large monopoly organizations and it is difficult for small businesses to stay in this market and confidently compete with such giants. As a result, they easily set a price that rises almost every year, while in some cases it is spent uneconomically and inefficiently.

This situation can be solve by considering the use of renewable green energy from natural sources such as water, sun, wind, but today such installations require significant investments and the state, banks have changed subsidy policies and entrepreneurs have to find themselves a large part of the initial capital for start.

Mostly accepted ideas that offer traditional options for power generation, as they are more studied and stable. This situation leads to global warming and climate change in general, which adversely affects the flora, fauna and the person himself. But a reasonable solution and solution is offered by an ambitious project called EtainPower

EtainPower creates a decentralized platform-market for renewable green energy using artificial intelligence, which will allow each user or creator of such sources to directly interact with each other from anywhere in the world.

EtainPower combines blockchain and AI technology and applies them to global energy networks with the aim of breaking the position of traditional energy giant monopolies and bringing true decentralization to smart energy ecosystems


EtainPower platform provides an opportunity to fight with a global monopoly, small and medium businesses to receive investments in their developments, quite a few people are ready to support such projects, but the problem is how to select them and be confident about their investments, but here they are carefully analyzed and transactions are made using smart contracts.

How it Works ?

The operations will be carried out using the EPR’s own digital token, which can be purchased on a tokensale, and it gives you the opportunity to invest in any promising start-ups regardless of location, engaged in the creation of green energy production stations, sell them on exchanges to other users.

EtainPower solution

  • Energy Token
    EtainPower is a blockchain-based transaction platform for financing renewable energy. Through the platform, energy producers can establish relationships with global investors to meet their project financing needs.
  • Diversification of Investment Returns
    Investors on the EtainPower platform will have many options for using their energy tokens. In addition to exchanging energy tokens for EPR through the platform, they can buy electricity through local providers or use energy tokens in the EtainPower ecosystem to pay for other services.
  • Power Network Intelligence
    EtainPower’s mission is to build a smart electricity network that operates based on the principles of decentralization, transparency, and the principles of zeroemission. EtainPower will also build partnerships with electric utility companies.

ICO Information

Token Name – EPR
Platform – Ethereum
Total Supply : 10,000,000,000
Token price : 1 ETH = 70,000 EPR
Soft cap – $3,000,000
Hard cap – $13,000,000


The EtainPower team has a strong and experienced team in some areas, united by this platform, which is confirmed by the portfolio of projects. They already received approval from the Prime Minister of those country (Antigua and Barbuda) to protect the environment from pollution and to move from refining products to renewable natural resources.


EtainPower will help many projects obtain the necessary funds through EPR tokens, which can be easily sent without various intermediaries such as bank payment systems, maintain data confidentiality and track transactions transparently. This is an excellent idea in the green energy industry.

Comparing with traditional projects, EtainPower will be able to globally expand the supply of cleaner energy resources, digitize production, put them up for sale with instant receipt of payment almost instantly. Artificial intelligence will help to more efficiently use the platform and select the optimal suitable options for each participant.

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