DataXchain – Services Trade Data Based on Blockchain

Crypto currency suffered a serious shock and difficult to select viable projects. But these days my mind interested in the DataXchain project, which is very promising project.

What is DataXchain ?

DataXchain is decentralized services trade data based on Blockchain. DataXchain provide customized matching services between owner Data and User Data via Intelligent Matching Engine (IME), Our unique and transactions facilitated and recorded by Smart Contracts.

When the owner of the data load the data (picture and sound), the data enrichment process (labeling and cataloging) began to turn raw data into digital assets end. With the features of the recommendations and search, data users decide to purchase digital assets. After the purchase decision is made, Smart Contract starts automatically and the data owner received a token DataXchain (DXCT). Data users then got permission to download the data to download data purchased as much as you want.

DataXchain believe that the purpose of Intelligent Information Society is to provide the highest efficiency for all mankind, based on new values created on a foundation of ICT, to provide intelligent technology and innovation to the general public. Data flowing through the network communication of information worldwide is a fundamental resource for our society.

However, under our current industry system, the data is locked in the system and centralized services, usually represented by a handful of social media and internet portals. Our personal data has been harvested by the Giants this data to generate a profit or to satisfy their own interests.

DataXchain is “Decentralized Data-Based Trading Platform Block” that matches what can be done by the owner of the data give users what they want with the data through data matching customized services. Through ownership and trading of data ‘decentralization’.

DataXchain aims to create a new paradigm in which the data individuals, compared with the data giant, owns the rights to their own data and compensated fairly if the data former. It also aims to create a new data trading ecosystem where anyone can easily create digital assets for distribution or sale.

The Advantages of DataXchain

With a data permeates almost every aspect of our lives and become a vital resource, the DataXchain possibility can :

  • Ease of use

Provide a simplified procedure downloads and looks at the potential costs on websites and mobile apps.

  • Intelligence

Intelligent data processing: with advanced AI technologies and big data, it provides automatic mapping and cataloging services (Engineering DataXchain).

  • Fast and powerful

Process maintenance fast and powerful: DataXchain allows simultaneous process but massive in several open source project.

  • Flexibility

Providing services without limit to make sure the service is stable and flexible software architecture for high-tech applications

  • Security

Improved security and real-time tracking: DataXchain coat with Smart contract which is managed by the network and the key Blockchain a separate vault.

  • Accuracy

Prevent bubbles filter with automatic matching process based on the different hybrid algorithm

After purchasing decisions, Smart Contract executed automatically and Token DataXchain paid (DXCT) sent to Own Data. Then, the User Data obtained authorization data download for downloading data purchased as much as they want.

DataXchain Features

One of the DataXchain features that distinguish it from other similar platform is a powerful, one-of-its-kind technology that powers “Enrichment Process Data”. Through this patented technology, capable DataXchain turn raw data into Digital Asset very defined, which is the data that can be differentiated and can be traded.

For example, under the process, images or videos can simply be given a complete package attribute under hyper-sensitive analytical instrument systems that can capture even the smallest detail in photos and videos. result User facilitate data to find what they want to attribute to the most appropriate, while Own Data will experienced a higher level of decision for their data.

ICO Information

DataXchain has a wallet function that empowers users to control their data and sell it through DataXchain network. In addition to showing the number of users DXCT, users can also check potential value of Digital asset in DXCT and keep track of every transaction in the history of ICO DataXchain used.

  • Total Supply Crowdsale : 1,000,000,000 DXCT
  • Token price : 0.06 USD per token
  • Sales Start : 09/20 / 2018
  • Payment Received : BTC, ETH, USD
  • Hard Cap :  USD 30 M
    Purchase a min / max : USD 100 / USD 500.00

Airdrop / Referral Bonus 117 500 000DXCT

ICO sales
Token price: $ 0.06 (the market price after listing)
Pre-sale: 10:08 ~ 10/28/2018 84 375, 000DXCT 35% bonus
The main selling round 1: 10:29 ~ 04/11/2018 30% bonus
The main selling second round: 11/11/2018 11:05 ~ 25% bonus
Top Sales Round 3: 11:12 ~ 18/11/2018 bonus of 20%
Top Sales Round 4: 11:19 ~ 11/25/2018 15% bonus
The main selling Round 5: 02.12.2018 11:26 ~ 10% bonus
The main selling round 6: 12:03 ~ 12/09/2018 5% bonus


DataXchain main strategic partner in its development is one of the big providers of data and AI-leading in South Korea solutions, Xiilab. As a strategic partner DataXchain, Xiilab has the technology, expertise, and operation of big-data needed dataXchain experience to help leapfrog the development process. DataXchain Platform will be developed together with Xiilab, thus ensuring a successful implementation.

Some important facts about Xiilab:

  • Established in 2010, Xiilab registered KONEX (Korea New Exchange)
  • Xiilab company first venture in South Korea registered KONEX
  • Leaders of emerging industries in the field of data-based services and Artificial Intelligence (AI )
  • The AI platform operator in South Korea
  • The main products include xDams, xDams: Vision and Cheese Counter solutions based on big data and AI

Other Key Partnerships
Besides Xiilab, dataXchain have gained partnership with leading companies in their respective market segments
such as The Linux Foundation, Oracle, Ethereum and MFU.


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