DataXchain – Decentralized Data Trading Service Based on Blockchain

What is DataXchain ?

DataXchain is “Decentralized Data Merchant Services based Blockchain”. DataXchain provide customized services match between Own Data and User Data “Intelligent Matching Engine (IME) their” unique ”

The way it works is simple, as follows:

When Own Data upload Data (Image and Sound), the Data Enrichment (Labeling & Cataloging) begins, to change the Raw Data into Digital Asset that can be declared. With recommend and search functions, the User Data decided to buy a Digital Asset. After purchasing decisions, Smart Contract is automatically executed and paid Token DataXchain (DXCT) is sent to the Data Owner. The user then downloads the data Data obtained authorization to download data purchased as many times as he wants.

Why should DataXChain ?

There are several reasons why you should join the DataXChain:

  • Comfortable view : User-Friendliness

Providing a simplified uploading procedures and potential value of the viewer services on websites and mobile APL.

  • Intelligence : (Intelligence)

Intelligent data handling: With advanced AI Technology & Big Data, enabling the automatic matching of cataloging services (Engineering DataXchain)

  • Agility : (Agility)

Quick service & quick process: DataXchain allows simultaneous but large-scale process through various open source projects such participation as Ethereum Sharding project.


  • Flexibility : (Flexibility)

Providing Seamless Service to provide a stable and flexible software architecture for high-tech applications

  • Security : (Security)

Improved security and real-time tracking: DataXchain enforce security with Smart Contract Blockchain supported by the network and separates the key-value storage

  • Accuracy : (Accuracy)

Prevent bubble filter with automatic matching process based on a variety of hybrid algorithm.

DataXchain Platform


DataXchain Platform consists of Layer Coating Services and Infrastructure to increase transactions in DataXchain. They each serve as blockchain-based service providers, smart contract, data storage, and processor.

DataXchain Features

As described above, service-based blockchain provided by Platform DataXchain not only ensure the security, processing speed and data loss prevention in the modules Account, Enrichment, Token, and Trade in Smart Contract, as well as the DXC-FS, but plays an important role in complementing scalability issues. Various DataXchain service allows users to make transactions convenient, fair, and equitable.

Additionally, Platform DataXchain provide fast service to users by developing distribution layer by layer, and the form of maintenance is possible to provide a convenient and seamless service to the user.

Token information

DXCT is a token that meet ERC20. It has been designed in accordance with the idea of ​​fair trade, and similar values ​​in the Digital Asset DataXchain Ecosystem. DXCT income from the sale will be used to further develop the Platform DataXchain. The results of these activities will result in the establishment of agile and transparent system. Each token of Sales DXCT buyer will have the Token Sales Agreement and Terms and Conditions signed by ToBeLet via the registration website.

DXCT token usage is the main payment instruments in DataXchain. Cryptocurrency exchange option is provided to secure more users in the market

Token Information

1. Total Supply 1,000,000,000 DXCT
2. Token Sale 730 million DXCT
3. Emission Levels No new token to be created
4. Tokens Price Round 1 (Pre-Sale) 0.06USD = 1DXCT, Round 1-6 (Main Sale) Market Price
5. Currency Accepted BTC, ETH, USD
6. hard Cap USD 30 M
7. Minimum Purchase USD 100
8. Maximum Purchase USD 500,000

Token distribution DXCT

No. Allocation Information
1. 73% Will be presented to the general public through the ICO Sale & Bonus.
2. 15% Will be held for Tobelet Foundation and will be used to revive and expand the project.
3. 20% will be stored by the Member and Advisor.
4. 2% will be used to promote and distribute free of charge to participants for DataXchain Bounty program.

Chart Funding

No. Allocation Information
1. 40% Development and maintenance of the platform and the expansion of other platforms.
2. 30% Business Expansion and Market Exchange is to include DXCT us to the exchange market for the benefit of the token holder and expansion strategies for various regions of the global data trade market.
3. 20% Marketing and Promotion is to increase marketing and promotional efforts to effectively deploy the main cause of the Vision and Mission of tobacco to the market.
4. 15% Operations and Consultancy (Legal, Accounting, etc.) is very important for our project because it is the main backbone of the project launch a safe and legal.
5. 5% Charitable donation activities / awareness led by ToBeLet. As Tobelet Pte. Ltd. Is a company based in Singapore, we are planning charitable donations and funding programs to support and assist the science of data, machine learning, and industry IT solutions to create similar opportunities in the trade market data.


After discussing the matter over so let’s pull data X Chain conclusion is “based Decentralized Data Merchant Services Blockchain”. DataXchain provide customized services match between Own Data and User Data “Intelligent Matching Engine (IME)” Their unique “Are You Interested ??



All the necessary information about DataXchain can be found on the links below :

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