Cryptonia Poker – The First Online Poker Platform

Cryptonia Poker – The First Online Poker Platform

Poker – is a game that enjoys strong popularity in the world and boasts millions of fans. Now many people have begun to actively play poker online, but this game is and a lot of questions. In fact, how can you be sure that the online casino will never deceive your users? Indeed, the hype in the world of excitement at every turn. But, not to worry Cryptonia Poker platform solves the issue and offer an opportunity for everyone who loves to play this game.

What problems solves Cryptonia Poker Platform

Now playing online poker, many people are faced with the following problems:

  1. That fraud is considered the most serious and common problem that concerns a huge number of users. Now the network open spaces created fake rooms, casinos do not allow to withdraw funds, created artificial barriers and much more;
  2. a person can not control their own means;
  3. complete dependence on the rules and desires casino. For example, the casino has changed the rules of the game or withdrawal – all people should get used to it. And noted that the rules can be arbitrary;
  4. long withdrawals and other barriers.
    Cryptonia Poker Platform solves all these problems, because it is built on blockchain technology and is completely decentralized, which ensures the security of each user during the game.

Platform Features

I will highlight a few important advantages Cryptonia Poker platforms:

  1. Buy Cryptonia tokens can be anywhere in the world, it is already developed several handy and practical tools to do so;
  2. transparency games. The entire game and built at blockchain technology that makes this project is so promising and sought-after, because no one will be able to generate a number or affect the gameplay in other ways;
  3. fair game. Fraudulent activities are completely excluded;
  4. Every person who will play poker on Cryptonia Poker can get great bonuses that can be withdraw after a certain time;
  5. rapid withdrawal. And this is what is lacking in many areas, there is all implemented.

How are the tokens

  • 750 million tokens will be available to players and investors in the course of the ICO.
  • 100 millionov tokens will be offered after the main ICO.
  • 50 million tokens will be used to conduct a variety of tournaments and promotions that will attract customers.
  • 5% reserve a token in order to improve the trading capacity on popular markets.
  • 5% of tokens will be given away to participants bounty companies, developers and consultants.

Cryptonia Poker Platform Team

The team collected only by experienced staff, who are to your goals and know all the pitfalls. Therefore, investing in this project now – is safe. you can see the key staff Cryptonia Poker in the following photo:


Cryptonia Poker – is a safe and honest poker on the Internet, which is available to everyone. Therefore, what is the point to say something else, if the users do what they are trying to find a safe game for yourself? Therefore, to become an investor Cryptonia Poker platform – it is profitable, easy and secure. Plus, the project already has been tested in real life.

IСO [10 April, 2018 – 01 Jul, 2018]

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