Cryptonia Poker – Innovative Online Poker Platform

Cryptonia Poker – Innovative Online Poker Platform

Many people mistakenly believe that online poker is a poor substitute renal transaction. But if we are online poker has a high value for a player who can get pleasure. Cryptonia Poker ICO project will allow players to experience a new standard for the conduct of gambling, and, beneficiaries will be both players and developers blockchain poker.

Introduction to the project

Creation of new poker rooms will help all participants feel full security and transparency during the exciting tournaments. Cryptonia Poker has a number of advantages:

  1. Instant input and output means.
  2. There is no fee when making transactions.
  3. Lack of likelihood of blocking the account and the emergence of “gray” poker rooms.

Design feature

Online poker in the traditional format has a number of problems that negatively affect the reputation of both the service and repels potential player to participate in online site. Today there was a group of skeptics who think that poker rooms are not able to change the negative picture. Knowing these problems, Cryptonia Poker has decided to radically change the structure of the game themes.

The technical part of the project

In order to solve the existing problems will be implemented the following principles:

  • Create RNG for transparency and honesty. The project implements the RNG (random number generator). Each player and each operator will independently generate seeds (blocks) that will transmit information to the smart contracts. All transactions can be checked on the official website of the project.
  • Availability and flexibility. Cryptonia appears in Listing many kriptobirzh. However, for each country will be used a legal way to work online system, ie, if in your country have the appropriate permissions, you can use all the functional services.
  • Safety of the participants of the ecosystem. Complete anonymity and security. Main technical service tools will be tied to Ethereum on ERC20 standard. one or dvuhrangovaya user authentication network will be provided for the fight against hackers.
  • account verification and implementation technologies of confidence. Given the full decentralization of the platform it will adopt a proprietary algorithm that will allow, on the basis of the behavioral actions of the player and the operator, to determine the degree of confidence. Behavioral algorithm eliminate the appearance of bots and possible collusion between members of the ecosystem.

The online service will be launched as the popular poker room, and innovative games. Access to the system will be provided on the basis of 24/7.

Project Benefits

Given the current problems of online services for the poker seo developers are adopting technologies that will inspire confidence on the part of the player and the operator:

  1. Transparency and openness will be provided cryptocurrency blockchain technology.
  2. In Cryptonia all players and operators will be able to develop their own standards, which will be supported by discounts, bonuses and other marketing moves to ensure high reliability of the poker project economics.
  3. To calculate private cryptocurrency Cryptonia will be introduced, where within the ICO participants will be allocated up to 75% of all available tokens.
  4. Software and applications have been tested and run in full format.
  5. The system will be completely eliminated latency issues the input and output of money.

Information on ICO Cryptonia Poker

  • Country of origin – Great Britain.
  • Working marker for listing -CPC.
  • Pre-ICO – 10-30 April 2018.
  • 01/05 – ICO startup. – 01.07.2018.
  • Softkap project – 15 million USD..
  • Hardkap project – 45 million USD..
  • The total number of issued tokens – 1 billion CPC (75% in direct sale on the ecosystem).
  • Cost of 1 ETH = 11000 CPC.
  • Standard – ERC20.
  • Accepting payments – ETH, BTC.

The project team

Laksana Anand, CEO, designer and founder of the project.

Vivek Jain, co-founder of online poker fund.

Paul Daniel, a professional poker player.

Anastasia Naymushina, QS managing the project.

Alexander Palamarchuk, on Bounty Program Specialist.


A departure from the standard schemes of conducting poker games, where the main problems of safety and honesty pushed many players from online services. Cryptonia Poker Project helps solve problems and pursue the main goal – create a secure platform where you can not only play the game but also offer their own projects, which after analysis will be included in the Cryptonia poker ecosystem .

IСO [10 April, 2018 – 01 Jul, 2018]

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