Crypt-ON – P2P Platform for Secure Cryptocurrency Trading

Today I would like to introduce a new project, that is Crypt-ON. Crypt-ON digital token is an important project unit. Its main task is to provide trust in the network between the participants of the platform.

What is Crypt-ON ?

Crypt-ON is a P2P platform that provides safe and secure cryptocurrency trading based on blockchain technology. The Crypt-ON platform provides you with 4 services, namely, escrow trading, p2p lending, work sharing for freelancer chronologists and exchanges in the P2P area (exchange of cryptocurrency on fiat using geolocation-based search).

Crypt-ON seeks to bring together people from all over the world involved in the cryptoindustry, which allows them to quickly and safely interact with partners in various fields at all stages of cooperation. Crypt-ON is not only a solution to current problems when performing p2p cryptocurrency transactions, but also creating a global workspace for crypto operators from around the world.

The Advantages of the Crypt-On Platform

  1. Implementing reputation markers (trust tokens) that display the rating / reputation of each platform user will resolve trust issues between the parties and increase the reliability of P2P operations.
  2. The use of an intelligent contract that is automatically created and the participation of an independent arbiter will ensure the security of the transaction.
  3. Four services integrated on the platform will allow you to perform different tasks in one place, multiplying efficiency by synergy.
  4. The ability to use stable coins in calculations will reduce the risks associated with the high volatility of most cryptocurrency funds.

The manner in which the Crypt-On Platform works is that the dealer gives data about the item/benefit on the site. Different clients can inquiry and find alluring offers, after which the gatherings can discuss the terms of additional transactions. The entire history is stored in the system, which allows, if necessary, to re-clarify the settings or contact the software module dispute resolution.

How does this work?

  • The client sends a request with a description of the task. For the convenience of customers and performers, the search engine provides a choice by rating and allows you to quickly find a highly qualified artist or get an idea of ​​the reliability of the client. At the same time, there should be enough i-Point tokens on the client’s account to pay for the contractor’s services; otherwise, he will not be able to publish the task.
  • Customers review candidates and confirm their choice. The contractor and the customer determine in advance the terms of the transaction concluded in the smart contract.
  • The task goes to work. After its execution, it will sent for verification.
  • Payment for the completed service / work is carried out in i-Point tokens.
  • If the work violated the conditions enshrined in the intellectual contract, the arbitrator included in the resolution of the dispute. The arbitrator acts as a third party in the multilateral signature of a smart contract.
  • All actions of the parties are stored in a smart contract and affect the reputation of both the customer and the contractor, changing their rating.

What benefits will the parties get? 

Clients will be able to find specialists and experts to solve the problems they face, and pay for work in cryptocurrency. Strengthening the terms of cooperation in intellectual contracts guarantees their immutability. Using the rating system will allow you to objectively select contractors based on the evaluation of user actions and their feedback about each other.

Since the Crypt-ON platform is multi-functional, freelancers will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat and quickly withdraw the earned money. This is convenient in terms of reducing the withdrawal fee, especially if you need to perform several operations.

The Main Feature

One of the Crypt-ON platform services is the Crypto marketplace. This is a job exchange that allows independent specialists from around the world to interact with customers and receive rewards for cryptocurrency. Simple and convenient interface allows you to quickly agree on the terms and conditions of payment. The interests of both parties are protected by an intellectual contract that will record all the requirements.

The Crypt-ON platform will ensure the security of your cryptocurrency transactions. We can offer 4 complementary services for your convenience that can be used together and separately. For example: p2p lending; assistance in making secure transactions using escrow; independent arbitrator; Crypto freelance job sharing; and crypto-to-fiat / crypto-to-crypto exchange.

The main feature of all services Crypt-ON is the absence of any intermediaries. For example, cryptocurrency support services use geo-targeting to help you find counterparties in your area. It turns out that by registering and becoming a member of a community, you can perform several tasks using one resource.

ICO Information

  • Token Name: IPT
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Total number: 200,000,000 Token
  • Hard cap at ICO stage: $ 16,000,000
  • Soft cap at ICO stage:$ 4,000,000

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