Bronix – The Next Generation Investment Solution

Good day, my dear readers. Today we will talk about an interesting and promising project, that is Bronix decentralized platform.

What is Bronix ?

Bronix – this is a new decentralized platform that can help users to quickly perform KYC operation and will quickly withdraw money. Now you can work with the latest token inside the platform.

Bronix platform

The Bronix platform offers a wide range of features and fast transaction processing. Currency can be sold and transferred to any location within a few seconds. Transactions are also protected against fraud by means of a decentralized and accessible database that allows users to check the legality of the transaction.

In addition, the transaction carried out on the platform, will be kept strictly confidential, and users will be able to enjoy the anonymity without having to share their personality. In addition, there are no hidden fees, because Bronix removes part or intervention of any middlemen.

The Principles Bronix platform :

  • Lack of any external parties, which means ensuring the absence of huge commissions, fraud, with the government is the problem, etc.
  • Protection against inflation, which means that the platform is provided by user income stability. The platform provides complete and reliable information on the state of crypto market.
  • Confidentiality, which means that the latest technology is used, in which the platform, users can perform operations using anonymous aliases or transaction identifier. This ensures that all transactions are completely safe for the platform.

The Bronix Benefits

  1. Taking into account user preferences, offering both centralized and decentralized solution, the platform offers a one-step solution for users of any geographical location, regardless of the government’s attitude to cryptocurrency and trade in their respective countries. Centralized solution offers advanced features that facilitate cryptotrading.
  2. There are no hidden fees in Bronix or third party involvement, and that makes it an exchange that can promise to its members, and no hidden costs policy.
  3. Lots of features for better user experience. The platform has all the potentials to attract large numbers of consumers.

The Benefits for early investors

Bronix offers many benefits to early investors, since their current pre-sale ICO to their public sale of the final phase. Early investors can get up to 35%, and this makes it profitable embodiment, since tokens BRNX have a strong and specific use on the platform and can be easily sold.


Manage transaction volumes, while cryptocurrency grows even more. This growing volume and increasing the number of cryptocurrency will affect the functionality of Exchange, and while the platform functions are very attractive, they must be technologically scalable.

Token Information

Token name : BRNX
Cost per token : 1 Bronix Token= $ 0.35
Currency Accepted: BTC, ETH
Token offered: 175 Million Bronix Tokens
ICO Starts:Thu, 26 Jul 2018 00:00:00 GMT
Minimum Token : 100 BRNX


Participation in Bronix ICO will be useful if you are engaged in cryptotrading or are looking for a more fluid or exchangeable crypto currency.

I believe that the project is implemented in full and will be released on the big market. It will be interesting to follow its development. After reading this blog you probably may have questions.


All the information you need about this project can be obtained from official sources Bronix:

Medium :
Steemit :

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