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Project outline

Wow, this is cool. The most transparent and welcomes you with scalable and unbreakable platform. So far, the project must cryptocurrency boundaries that attracted recent interest in authentic ecumenical.
Many people have invested in the market and cryptocurrency magnifying glass. Online Investment encryption technology investments based on Blockchain is advantageously very informative. People are always very reliable future Probing a good investment projects.

Now, it is that I have two people of the world are mainly governed by the project, on the other hand, decide how much information to the information, the truth, this generation of business projects to succeed in the business. This is why we have to bring to the readers – investors implicitly updated on the world’s best ICO. I always monitor the encrypted call news today, it was discovered a very attractive project with a great future and encrypted calls. Let me introduce one of the cryptocurrency Exchange project, that is BQT¬†(Better Quick Transparent) Exchange.

What is BQT ?

BQT Exchange is cryptocurrency trading platform. Exchange BQT has proven to be one of the most advanced and reliable platforms for the most secure, fast, and powerful encryption platform is one of the highest security level of the currency trading platform today. P2P transactions through a secure environment and the community to provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage various types of encrypted port. The platform aims to create a simple, easy-to-decipher accessed by the core values of environmental security password transactions.

If this was an emerging need for encrypted calls evolved with the development of technology and the digital world is not at the same time, strong security for password protection has been a lot of stolen assets through a weak system. The main reason for this hack is due to the lack of defense in the security approach and the depth and the weak rule
Exchange BQT platform, causing the industry to innovate on the Exchange leverages the destructive force of the block chain technology. Block Chaining (blockchain) and electronic transaction security and decisively by introducing technology can progress to prevent counterfeiting scheme.

BQT has introduced an innovative hedge trading system. Unlike futures and margin trading, BQT trading system is a flexible, medium-term and flexible modes for an existing password, escrow reserves traders are to receive encrypted asset. It came all the flexibility you can do a deal. Activity with just a few clicks.

ICO / tokens Details

Token ticker : BQTX
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Token Price : In ICO: 1 BQT = 0.00125 ETH

Token Sales

Tokens for sale: 115 000 000 BQTX

Pre-ICO Wanted 40%

Token (ICO)
Less than 10 MM token 30%
10mm 20mm token 25%
20mm-30mm token 20%
30mm-40mm token 15%
50mm + 50mm token token 5%

Sell bonus time (ICO)
5 days 5%
6 to 10 4%
11 to 20 3%
21 to 30 2%
30 days or more 1%

Volume Bonus (pre-ICO and ICO)
1000-5000 token 5%
5001-10000 tokens 7,5%
10001-15000 tokens 10%
15001-20000 tokens 12,5%
20,001 + token 15%

BQT P2P Trader platform uses a distributed safety and benefit of flexible function blocks distributed through a worldwide chain.


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