Bitxoxo Gears Up to be the Fastest Bitcoin Exchange

When it comes to cryptocurrency investment, India is a rising star. Even though most people still don’t like the idea of digital transaction, the popularity and high value of Bitcoin has open a new door for the digitalization of financial transactions in India. Many people also start showing their interest in Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency investment in general. Unfortunately, there are still many challenges for Bitcoin investment in this country. The lack of support from the government is certainly one of them. But the other biggest issue is the lack of good platform to facilitate Bitcoin trading. This is the main reason Bitxoxo is developed. Now, let’s find out more interesting details about Bitxoxo.

About Bitxoxo

Bitxoxo is India’s fastest bitcoin exchange that was founded in late 2016. It offers a user friendly platform where users can easily buy and sell Bitcoin. Furthermore, it is also the first exchange platform in India that launches physical bitcoin gift card. So, transferring the ownership of Bitcoin will be just as easy as giving money to your kids. The best thing about Bitxoxo is it offers 0% fees for every transaction. In addition, the trading activity is done via mobile phone. As a result, everybody can start trading Bitcoin even with minimal technical skills.


Bitxoxo aspires to introduce Bitcoin to more people in India. Despite of the profit crypto trading promises, people will hesitate to participate if there is no reliable tool that makes Bitcoin trading easier and more trustworthy. This is where Bitxoxo plays its role. By providing an easy to use platform with cheap cost of transaction, more people will be able to see the benefits of owning Bitcoin.

To achieve its goal, Bitxoxo doesn’t only launch a trading platform. It also often holds conference, workshops and seminars to raise Bitcoin awareness in this country. Furthermore, by launching the first ever Bitcoin physical gift card in the country, this company aims to change how people view Bitcoin. All this time, Bitcoin is seen merely as a tool for financial transaction, which mostly can only be used online. But with the gift card, people can actually give Bitcoin as a present for their loved ones, making Bitcoin more personal just like fiat currency.

Main Features

Bitxoxo offers the best verification process for every transaction, from the registering process to every trading activity. It also will offer the best rates for its users. Besides for trading, Bitxoxo can also be used to make payment with Bitcoin. Customers and merchants can complete their transaction simply by scanning some QR codes. With 0% fees, making payment with Bitxoxo certainly will be more beneficial for both users and merchants. Moreover, the platform is opened for trade 24/7 so users are free to buy or sell their Bitcoin anytime they want.


Bitxoxo is developed only to be a trading platform for bitcoin and also for various bitcoin transactions. So, it doesn’t have its own token because every transaction is paid using bitcoin. Trading and making payment is done via a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS device. Most people nowadays are using mobile phone so the mobile app really offers more convenient crypto trading.

Bitcoin is used to make every transaction in this platform easier. Since the users are using this platform to buy and sell bitcoin, it will be more comfortable for them to pay the transaction cost with bitcoin instead of another coin or even a special coin created for this platform. Furthermore, the cost of bitcoin transaction is also much cheaper compared to credit or debit card. As a result, trading bitcoin with Bitxoxo is not only more convenient but also more cost effective.

Token Information

Token Symbol : XOXO
Token Supply : 20,000,000 XOXO
Token Type : ERC20
Pre-ICO Sale Tokens : 5,000,000 XOXO (completed)
ICO Sale Tokens : 10,000,000 XOXO
Founders, Advisors and Team : 5,000,000 XOXO
Token Price during Pre-ICO Sale $1.5/XOXO (25% Discount)
Token Price during ICO-Sale $2/XOXO
Soft Cap $5,000,000
Hard Cap $27,500,000


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