BitPaction, the World’s First Digital Asset Trading Platform

The significant development of digital currencies has brought worldwide great repercussions that are now seen as profound transformation. In the global financial system, it has been a great change that definitely attracts more eyes. Blockchain technology is the one behind all of this development and change going on. It has been supporting the continuous growth of cryptocurrencies, the first digital currencies in the world with actual value. As the digital currencies’ types and number growing continuously, the demand for digital currency exchange starts to grow. Responding to the growing demand, the ideal environment for the establishment of BitPaction has been created.

What is BitPaction

A world with growing need from the investors for ideal digital asset trading system is a world perfect for BitPaction to build and develop itself. And with the blockchain market being in preliminary stage of development, this is like the gold moment for BitPaction. So, this particular digital asset trading platform is built to offer new digital asset trading system that focuses on providing the best user experiences. BitPaction sees itself as true supporter that promotes the digital currency exchange upgrading into version 2.0. This is the version that leaves the conventional exchange behind so that the investors can enjoy much simpler and securer experiences in digital trading.

BitPaction Vision and Mission

Vision and mission are what make the BitPaction different to others particular given the fact that BitPaction becomes the world’s first digital asset trading system. Its vision is to take advantage of the blockchain technology to overturn conventional trading system and accelerate the upgrading into ear 2.0.

With this vision on mind, the BitPaction operates based on several missions. Let’s say, it starts by building the first digital asset trading platform. It continues its mission by giving greatest experiences for investors. And in the end, it supports and assists the investors to make investment, earn profit and make more bonus.

BitPaction Advantages

In general, there are 4 main advantages provided by BitPaction. The advantages are the following:

  1. Data Security

BitPaction uses multiple protective measures to secure the data and monitor the database performance in real time. Stable database operation is ensured with data load balancing technology.

  1. Fund Security

BitPaction uses superior fund security for its wallet management. It is far superior compared to those applied by ordinary financial organizations. The security uses 64-bit encryption with double special keys and unique dynamic decryption algorithm. This way, the prevention for external and internal risk can be done very well.

  1. Stable System

BitPaction built its platform in accordance with all the essential financial and industrial standards. There will be no jamming or delay in the process thanks to speeded up matching engine.

  1. Stable Network

BitPaction promises improved network resource distribution thanks to the platform that has been achieved the intelligent analysis on the network load and traffic conditions.

BitPaction Platform

As the first digital asset trading platform in the world, BitPaction uses the very unique and intelligent platform. It comes as more diversified, intelligent and simpler platform which focuses on greater user experiences. Platform is promised to be convenient and simple for customers’ best experience. It is also intelligent and smart to reduce loss and improve benefits for investors. The automatic loss stop and profit stop is made available with the use of smart feature. It definitely is very useful when the investors are asleep at night.

BitPaction Token

The token is named BitPaction token with total number of distribution of 300 million with no additional number to be issued. Within only three months, the BPS is released with the following participants welcomed including start up team, individual investors, community funds, strategic partners and angel investors.

Token Details

Token Name : Bitpaction Share (BPS)
Token Price in ICO : 1 BPS = 0.23 USD
ICO start 1st Feb 2018
ICO end 28th Feb 2018

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