BitEsprit to Offer the Ultimate Digital Currency Marketplace

Having been envisioned as a one-stop marketplace for digital currency trading, BitEsprit comes with a myriad of capabilities. These capabilities are needed in order to properly facilitate both Bitcoin and fiat against fiat trading. With the aim to eliminate barriers and issues which are typically associated with altcoin trading. All in all giving equal opportunity for everyone to succeed.

BitEsprit and its mission

The BitEsprit will give users direct access to large number of altcoins in its platform by implementing a unique fiat-altcoin trading pairs. For that reason, the platform will make it easier for users to spend their profits, regardless of whether it’s a fiat or altcoins. With that being said, users undoubtedly will benefit from accessibility since BitEsprit provides them with a debit card for their fiat balance.
Yes, there simply is no need to go through different sites only to be able to get what they need. BitEsprit itself has specifically designed its platform to cater to your every needs. When it comes to their mission, the platform aims to eliminate all the possible barriers which are typically associated with the altcoin ecosystem. Traders will instantly gain direct access to their altcoin reserves at the exchange.

Traders are not the only ones to benefit from the platform, developers are also in for a treat as they will find it easier to be listed. All this time, in order to be listed on a particular exchange, they must pay a large amount of fees. This project will not only give everyone involved an balanced and equal footing when it comes to acquiring capital, but also when it comes to establishing growth.

Other than the exchange, every user will be given access to the BitEsprit platform which offers a myriad of relevant services. All of these services can be accessed just with a few click, not only is it simple to figure out, it is also incredibly user friendly. It does not matter which level you are at when it comes to digital currency trading, this platform makes anything possible.

Unique features

One of the best things about BitEsprit is its extensive features. However, among the large number of features offered on the platform, one feature that stands out is the Copy Trading feature. Yes, BitEsprit offers Copy Trading to help beginners get started as they learn and adapt to the new venture ahead of them. BitEsprit makes it easier for them to learn from the best and still earn a considerable amount of profits along the way.

The Copy Trading feature gives beginners the ability to simply copy what the expert traders are doing on the platform. They are given the opportunity to look around and see what the experts do, trading wise. By using this Copy Trading feature, beginners can just copy and set their own limit by entering the amount of funds they would like to use in copy trading. When the experts earn profits, they will do as well.

More about the platform and ICO

BitEsprit does not only provide an adequate platform for users to trade and do transaction, but also payment solution using its BEC token. This token is designed to power all types of interaction. By using BEC tokens, users may also benefit from feeling withdrawal. Not only that, some of the profits generated will be allowed for token burns in order to ensure and maintain security.

With a hard cap of US$ 43,756,410, the Initial Coin Offering has been started on April 27th this year. Those who would like to benefit from this project may take part in the ICO right away. With impressive customer support service, remarkable features and service, it’s not hard to see how bright the future of this particular project is. To learn more on the project, please visit

Token Information

Token Name : BEC
Platform: ERC 20
Accepting: ETH, BTC
CrowdSale Price: 1 BEC = USD 0.85

Token Sales
Minimum investment: USD 1,000
Minimum investment: USD 1,000
Soft Cap: USD 15,000,000
Hard Cap: USD 43,000,000
Presale Starts: 03 April 2018
Presale Discounted Price: Tier 1: USD 0.30; Tier 2: USD0.50; Tier 3: USD 0.65

To find out more about the platform and its ICO details, visit :


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