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Cryptocurrency owners need to exchange their asset to fill their needs. You also have to exchange your cryptocurrency if you want to use a certain platform. Moreover, cryptocurrency exchange is also an activity for cryptocurrency investment. At the same time, the cryptocurrency owners need to find the best platform to deal with a safe cryptocurrency exchange.

Bistox is a cryptocurrency exchange platform along with NEM or New Economy Movement blockchain platform. This platform offers more benefits than other cryptocurrency exchanges such as fast and safe transactions, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, and many more. This platform is also designed to solve some of the problems in cryptocurrency exchange such as transparency, security, and customer service.

What is Bistox ?

Bistox is a platform designed for cryptocurrency exchange. The main difference between Bistox and any other cryptocurrency exchanges is on the use of NEM or the New Economy Movement. With this combination, the platform provides the cryptocurrency owners with fast transactions along with safety procedures.

Moreover, this platform offers more transparent transactions, great security system, professional customer support, and easy trading. Bistox is earning money from several sources such as trading fee, listing fee, social trading fee, and withdrawal fee. This platform is supported by BSX token and the users can use the token to support their activities while using Bistox.

Vision and Mission

Bistox is trying to be the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform by providing the cryptocurrency owners with a fast and safe place to make transactions. This platform wants to be a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange by applying the latest technology to support all exchange activities such as New Economy Movement or NEM and D.A.N.N.I (Decentralized Artifical Neural Network Integration).

The developer also wants to create a better cryptocurrency exchange atmosphere by applying more transparent transactions, professional customer support, and easy to use platform. They also want to serve the users well by serving them with the best support and assistance including 24/7 live support and a live box chat.

The Advantages

Bistox offers several advantages for the users. Since this platform is using Decentralized Artificial Neural Network Integration, the transactions will be supported by a deep learning machine. This machine helps you to get the detail of the transaction including a pre-trade notification and post-trade education. You are about to work with a secure and stable platform due to the technology installed in it.

The most interesting advantage is that you are able to build your own workspace by managing the windows, e-wallet, and watch list. There will be nothing to hide because the platform gives complete information about its fees, audit, and policy before using it.

Bistox Platform

Bistox is using two main platforms. The first platform is a NEM or New Economy Movement platform. This platform helps to boost the transaction speed in the most secure trading atmosphere. The second platform is the D.A.N.N.I or Decentralized Artificial Neural Network Integration platform. This platform helps to give you the detail information about the cryptocurrency exchange for a secure and transparent trading.

Token Detail

You will be supported by the BSX token while using Bistox. The token can be used for several things such as to pay trading commission fee, listing fee, withdrawal fee, margin trading fee, social trading fee, and many more. You can also use it as a valuable asset, especially if you want to be a cryptocurrency investor.

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