How to Create Eco-Friendly Park

PARK is said to be eco-friendly if able to function optimally. This element can not only be used as aesthetic supporters of the building, also fully functional to the surrounding environment.

For a tropical area would require a garden that can absorb heat and rain water well. Therefore, the manufacture of parks on buildings such as houses is needed. Its function is also quite diverse. If we look visually, the garden can be used as home decorator. Only, scientifically the park actually serves to preserve the ecological system and environment.

An expert park says, eco-friendly parks are not only seen in one side. The park can also function optimally, ie not only be the lungs of the city, but can also be made lungs for residents of the house.

In residential homes, eco-friendly parks should be able to provide a green atmosphere, one of them by choosing trees that are not only shady, also in accordance with the area of ​​the house and garden. Put the trees in some corner of the house combined with garden design.

In addition, the park must also be in harmony with the lifestyle of the owner of the house. That is to say, the garden we created should not harm the inhabitants, in a sense, not using thorny bushes. The size of the land should be larger because it is useful as a means of playing children, and do not use twigs that easily break and remove the sap. Another thing to do, always make contact between interior and exterior elements. For example, use harmonious plant colors with building texture.

David Beckham Luxury Home

David and Victoria Beckham have just bought a new home. The couple bought a luxury residence at the Abbotswood Estate in the Costswolds area. Abbotswood Estate is the most expensive country house in England, complete with beautiful scenery. What is David and Victoria Beckham’s luxury home? Let’s see !!

David Beckham’s family house looks like a palace, 24 times larger than a standard size house in England. Inside it has 10 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms. There is even a very wide ball field.

Inside, David and Victoria Beckham chose a classic nuanced design in white and gold dominance. Chandelier lights and large curtains look beautiful hanging in some corners of the mansion.

See one of the spacious bedrooms complete with large beds. In one corner is a large window showing cool scenery. Reportedly David and Victoria Beckham was deliberately chose the area because the Costswolds so private.

Not only luxury on the inside, the outside of the David Beckham family home environment that looks amazing. The beautiful parks that surround the house were specially designed by one of Britain’s leading architects named Edwin Lutyens. The flowers are beautiful and colorful looking neatly arranged. David and Victoria also provide some games at home for their baby, Brooklyn, Harper, Romeo, and Cruz.

How to Choose Plants for The Garden

Doing activities in the park is definitely fun because you will be gardening and expressing your creativity. In designing the garden, you can utilize plants, rocks and other garden features, but the most important element for the garden is the plant. Plants will add a green atmosphere not only to the beauty of your garden but will also help to create a fresh and healthy environment.

Before you start with your garden, make sure you choose the right plants for your garden conditions. So, today we will discuss tips on how to choose plants for the garden. This will help you to choose the right plants that can grow well in your area and according to the type of garden you want. Here are the things you should look for when choosing the right home garden plants:

  • Decide where you will plant

One thing you need to consider in choosing a plant is the area where you will plant it. If you want to plant it in the front yard, you should check the neighborhood environment so it will not interfere with each other. This will make your front page look more beautiful. Make sure when choosing plants, you choose plants that will add attraction to your home and not cover your home.

For the backyard, you have the freedom on the type of plant you want to plant because it is a more private place. But do not forget to consider the condition of the land, there are types of hilly soil and some have valleys.

  • Consider the appearance of the plant when it grows 

You can not plant any kind of plant you want. The thing you should notice is how the plant if it has grown big. Some types of plants can grow very large and may fill the entire park.

So, if you get to plant that kind of plant, you’ll see it occupies most of your garden. You should also pay attention to how tall the trees you plant. If it can grow tall, it may be able to cover the front area of ​​your house. Be sure to choose plants with a look that is not too big.

  • Plant colors

Try to imagine the type of garden you want. Do you want a colorful garden? Or maybe you just want a little color? Or do you even want to have a garden that is entirely green?

After deciding the color, you can choose plants that suit your taste. Try to choose a color that attracts attention.

  • Pay attention to soil conditions, weather and sunlight

In addition to those already mentioned above, you should also check which plants can grow well in your area. There are plants that are sensitive to sunlight and easily wither. There are plants that grow well in moist or wet soil. There are also plants that develop in certain types of weather.

With these factors, you can choose the right plants in accordance with the condition of the soil, weather and sunlight in your home.

  • Plant combination

You can also add some types of plants to your garden. You can plant it in a lower area which means you can make it in groups or combine different types of plants in one place.

In this way, you can combine colors, altitudes and textures into your garden. Some types of plants have flowers blooming in different seasons. That’s why you should combine plants that are rainy season and dry season plants, so your garden will still look fresh throughout the season.

Choosing the right plants for the garden is not just about beauty. You have to think about the viability of the crop in your area. In addition, you must take good care of him.

Choosing The Right Paint Color for Kitchen

Having a house with a limited area, is not a reason to not be able to make a beautiful and comfortable house for your family. When the concept of a minimalist house has been set, of course the elements that exist in the house automatically must follow the minimalist concept , both on the exterior and interior design, such as kitchen.

The concept is applied to a minimalist house, usually using an open plan strategy or unite two rooms at once, namely kitchen and dining room, which aims to save space. For that see some of the following ideas of choosing the right paint color for kitchen to be able to make your minimalist kitchen look unique based on the selection of wall paint in use.

Selection of paint color based on room area

For the selection of paint color of the kitchen that has a limited size, you should avoid the dark colors so that the room does not feel cramped and dingy. But, on the contrary also a color that is too bright, less suitable for a narrow room because it will make the atmosphere in the room look more strong. Try to give soft colors, like beige or white.

Kitchen Circulation

In the kitchen interior design which is combine with the dining room, you should provide a lot of ventilation or windows that serve for air circulation, as well as a source of light, so the room looks more cheerful and bright without having to turn on the lights during the day.

Wall paint Selection

type If you have got inspiration, about what color you want to apply to the kitchen, then next choose the right type of wall paint. For the selection of kitchen wall paint we recommend you to choose vinyl silk wall paint, which is resistant to scratches. That way you can immediately clean the walls of the kitchen affected by dirt without having to paint it again.

Using Natural Stone as Home Decoration

For those who are looking for inspiration for home decoration, using natural stone as home decoration can be a great idea to change the ambience of your home. Natural stone can enhance the warmth in your house, in addition to its function as decoration. There are many gorgeous stone wall that you can choose to decorate your rooms, especially living room. However, it may turn your living room into a slightly colder room. You can solve this by designing fireplace at the side of the room in which the stone wall is attached. It will surely warm up the atmosphere of your living room.

There are several things that you need to pay attention before using natural stone as home decoration. First, demolishing the current wall is not necessary as you can just wrap your existing wall. Second, consider the style of the desired decoration. Natural stone does not have uniform shape and it can creates various combinations. However, if you do not plan your design well, it may turn into disaster.

Other than that, using natural stone as home decoration can also bring a sense of nature to your house. Marble of granite will serve both modern and sleek look to your house.

Pine Wood Creative Idea for Home Decoration

Pine wood has many people who use it for household goods, ranging from benches, tables, bookcases, kitchen set, and some even make it for the home floor or wallpaper. Because the pine wood fiber has a very good texture, many choose this type of wood into several interesting creations.

Utilizing pine wood for some people has become a lucrative lucrative field. By re-assembling and utilizing pine wood, various models of unique furniture and high value generated a lot of ogled and interest.

With a few creative ideas, design drawing sketches and carpentry tools, you can make this pine wood into an ornament, chairs, tables, cabinets, display cases, bookshelves, and other furniture and handicrafts. With the typical wood and the value of the use of goods, a unique model of this furniture worthy of choice to beautify the interior of your home.

When choosing a pine wood that is still good, make sure choose the wood is still good, for best results. You can look for pine wood factory or warehouse that usually use material from pine wood, which is the standard of making pallets for overseas shipments.

As we know, pine wood has a beautiful and artistic fiber that can make your furniture look has added value in terms of uniqueness and beauty.

Pine wood which are used for overseas shipments, has a resistance to temperature changes and good enough resistance, because the standard water content levels have been tested to become imported products.

For those of you who always have creative ideas and always take advantage of used woods, start to use this pine wood into something useful for you and your place of residence. Here are some models of pine wood creative idea for home decoration that might be a inspire you.

Unique workbench of used wood
Versatile rack to place things
Chairs and dining tables for cafes and restaurants