Alpha-X – The New Generation Cryptocurrency

Alpha-X is a totally new age of unscrambling innovation dependent on the X13 calculation utilizing the Stake Network (POS) Proof Of Stake organize. Exchanges in the Alpha-X blockchain are quick, mysterious, individual and profoundly secure. Our inspiration isn’t just to offer virtual money (plastic cards) yet additionally to give liquidity and accessibility in the market progressively.

The Alpha-X objective is to change the general part of the utility token utilizing blockchain methods to defeat the authentic disadvantages of conventional frameworks. Joining this innovation with an instinctive UI and appeal, the trust and eagerness of another time can convey new conviction and energy to the biological community of the new age.


Alpha-X Coins

You can incorporate (POS) through Point of Sales (AX), in an auspicious way, in the accessibility of contributions in the market.

Alpha-X Exchange

This will be made later utilizing the ICO AX Fund and will start with a worldwide digital money trade with the inspiration to give expanding liquidity in the other match of Fiat-Crypto. The mission is to procure up to 100 sets of monetary standards and give trade benefits to everybody on the planet.

Alpha-X wallet

A decentralized QT wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux customers for Sparing, sending, getting and decorating new Alpha X coins. Here is the client Keep his private keys as it’s the most secure approach to keep your cash with himself.

Alpha-X debit card

Alpha-X has a plan to offer its clients genuine liquidity, around the Globe, all day and all night. Anybody can purchase or offer Alpha-X in their territory time without issues. We have chosen to likewise offer AX check cards what’s more, coordinate it with point-over-deal.

Alpha X Mobile App

A lightweight interface on which every single related action happen Where the client can put his coin or trade his coin and spend Alpha-X at whatever point and wherever it is fundamental.

ICO Information

Token Name : AX
Standard: Own
Platform: Own

Payment Accepted : BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

Token Price

Private Pre sale

Minimum invest : $100

Amount: 30,000,000 AX
Private Pre sale price: 1 AX = 0.05 USD
Start : 15 Sep 2018 – 31 Oct 2018

50% Discount

Open Pre Sale
Amount: 50,000,000 AX

Open pre sale price: 1 AX = 0.07 USD
Start: 1 Nov 2018 – 15 Dec 2018
30% Discount

Open Sale / Crowdsale
Amount: 90,000,000 AX
Start:16 Dec 2018 – 31 Jan 2019
Price: 1 AX = 0.09 USD

10% Discount


  • April 2018

Thoughts begin from the Internet

  • May 2018

Research, Team Building,

  • June 3 , 2018

Thought examination and change, item finish.

  • July 2018

Dispatch of Alpha- X site

  • August 2018

Alpha-X is composed in Alpha-X Alpha-X Blockchain Source code distributed in Githububing through BitCointalk and different discussions

  • In September 2018

ICO began individual presales.

  • October 2018

Open Bounty Pre-Campaign

  • November 2018

Crowdsale Airdrop Bonus

  • December 2018

QT Wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Coinmarketcap Exchange list

  • Q1 2019

Alpha-X Mobile Wallet Security Audit Report

  • Q2 2019

Alpha-X Exchange Release Highlights Integrate publicizing and security reviews

  • Q3 2019

Alpha-X Marketplace Launches Alpha-X Debit Card Program

  • Q4 2019

Alpha-X mix for extensive frameworks, for example, service charges, telephone charges, aircraft tickets, lodging reservations, and so on. Alpha-X joining with neighborhood stores, eateries, shops and that’s just the beginning.


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