CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology

On this great event I will review a decent platform since it has the points of interest advertised. With the nearness of this stage can give comfort to its clients in exchanges and has a great deal of money trade, with a decentralized stage and based with this blockchain can be a productivity and simplicity in executing. This platform is ” CryptoBank ” to find out about this platform let us allude to the accompanying review.

CryptoBank is a decentralized worldwide installment framework stage with blockchain innovation that has effectively united proficient merchants, the stage depends on bitcoin innovation and utilizations the most recent blockchain abilities and numerous highlights exhibited by this cryptoBank platform.

Based on a bitcoin open source code, this security and straightforwardness require not be questioned on any exchange on account of blockchain and cryptographic money innovation, you can give your own particular administrations and products to clients utilizing non-unstable digital currency, and additionally to limit every single impermanent cost and activities without including conventional monetary establishments. Digital money is accessible for every one of your customers. Continue reading “CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology”

Ubex, The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

The digital advertising in marketing has growth rapidly these years. Ubex comes with artificial intelligence technologies to efficiently reach the targeted market. Get to know more about the digital company here.

About Ubex

Ubex is a digital company that specializes in providing artificial intelligence for advertisement. The company is an exchange with global decentralized advertising to make it possible for the companies out there to advertise their products and services in more effective ways. Not only that, the publishers join in Ubex can gain more profit through the tokens they collect. The digital company also comes with several problem solutions needed by industry by using blockchain technology and neural networks. Ubex has specific mission to produce ecosystem in a global advertising with mutual trust in exceptionally high level and optimum efficiency.

The Platform of the Digital Company

The platform of Ubex will give a lot of chances for both the advertisers and publishers. Not only that, the platform applied by Ubex is also aimed to obtain opportunity for companies that need user data’s regression analysis. The neural networks of the system which has responsibility to make decisions at the all levels of the company’s life cycle will have an API. This will allow the advertisers and publishers to have wider access to partner companies. Meanwhile, the blockchain technology used will make it possible for the advertisers and publishers to evaluate the user data as well as create a judgement. Continue reading “Ubex, The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Advertising”

Ubex – Decentralized Advertising Platform

Now, in our time, when technologies are increasingly embracing our everyday life, all new inventions are being created, and the development of artificial intelligence, which will remove intermediaries, in the form of people, for automating processes and saving money for customers, does not stand still.

The Ubex project is necessary for effective work and interactions between advertisers and site owners who will provide customer’s blocks for their advertisements on their resources, selecting the most relevant information for the visitor.

The Ubex project creates a decentralized advertising platform, which works with the use of all the advantages of modern block technology and AI-technologies. All transactions between the platform participants will use The UBEX tokens.

At this stage, all this happens through third parties, which significantly affects the final cost of providing advertising services, as well as there are all possible methods of deception, ways of wrapping up or transitions on advertising bots. Continue reading “Ubex – Decentralized Advertising Platform”

The Best and Most Powerful Features of Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a custody-free multi asset wallet that is powered by Automatic Swap technology and decentralized orderbook. This versatile wallet is the solution for the threat of centralization and security issue surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency applications nowadays.

Atomic Wallet is different with most crypto wallets out there. It is more than just a tool to store tokens, but it also can serve as a reliable and transparent solution for the people’s cryptocurrency needs. Here are some of the best function of Atomic Wallet that can be a solution for the current issues in digital currency world.

Trusted Exchange System

Atomic Wallet can be used to exchange coins. It utilizes Atomic Swap technology to cut the needs of third party involvement. It is also supported by two prominent names in the crypto exchange world—Changelly for unlimited instant exchange service and fixed rate exchange powered by ShapeShift. Continue reading “The Best and Most Powerful Features of Atomic Wallet”

The Way to Withdraw Tokens in Atomic Wallet with Atomic Swap Technology

About Atomic Swap Technology

The main reason why people love to use blockchain platforms is because they can buy anything they want faster and easier. The process is also secure to do and they get just like what they are expected. The faster and secure process can’t be separated with the role of atomic swap technology. Atomic wallet provides Atomic swap technology platform’s users to use tokens or coins to transfer or transact without the help from any third party including bank.

The token holders can transfer the coins directly to the sellers. At the same time, the sellers will give the request from the token holders or buyers. This is including if the token holders want to sell it to the exchange market or transfer it to friends. Then, the transaction will be recorded completely by a personal Atomic wallet along with the help from atomic swap.

Continue reading “The Way to Withdraw Tokens in Atomic Wallet with Atomic Swap Technology”

LetItPlay, Platform for Find and Share Audio Contents Online

Some content creators love to use audio to share their idea to the internet users. LetItPlay is a solution for those who want to share their idea via audio. At the same time, they can also get reputable people who find audio to fill their needs. LetItPlay is not an ordinary platform because it helps the users to gain income from all activities while using the platform. In the end, LetItPlay is trying to cover the lack of information in the form of audio as well as to support the use of blockchain and crypto currency technology.

About LetItPlay

LetItPlay is a platform for those who want to find and share audio contents online. The platform is developed along with blockchain and smart contract technology. This is also a platform for people who are using crypto currency. The activities while using LetItPlay will be supported by Play token. By using the platform and its features, the users are able to share audio information, get the audio content, promote something through audio content, and many more.

Vision and Mission

Since there is a lack of information in the form of audio, LetItPlay is trying to be a platform which will be cover up it. LetItPlay is not only designed to get more access to audio contents but also to give something profitable for the users. LetItPlay is also designed to fill the needs of internet user especially audio content lovers to use crypto currency. In the future, LetItPlay will be developed into a flexible platform to accommodate all users who need reputable and trusted audio contents.


LetItPlay is a solution for users who want to learn something without loosing their time to do the daily activities. People can use LetItPlay app to listen anything while eating, working, walking, doing sports, including sleeping. LetItPlay is also a great platform for those who love to write something and they want to share it wider into all people. The use of blockchain technology and crypto currency gives more advantages in the sense of fast and secure access as well as profitable activity through rewards given to the users.


To accommodate all users, the developer is designed LetItPlay mobile app. The app can be downloaded via Google Play Store. By having this app, people can start listening to what they want anytime and anywhere they want. The app is using the latest and friendly features so all users can manage based on their needs for the most comfortable experience.

Token Detail

The users will have Play token to support their activities. Along with the use of e-wallet, the users are able to save, transfer, and sell the coins directly without the role of third party. The coins are also used to buy any audio they want to listen with easy and fast process.

  • Token Name : PLAY
  • Total supply : 1 000 000 000 PLAY
  • Presale supply : 10 000 000 PLAY
  • Token price  : 1 ETH = 10 000 PLAY


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