MyDFS- The First Blockchain for Powered Daily Fantasy Sports

Do you love to sport fantasy and wish to earn more money from your hobby? MyDFS can be a good choice for you. Find out more about the token company in this article.Visit the official website (

MyDFS’s Overview

MyDFS is a blockchain especially designed for platform of fantasy sports. The blockchain is created by KHL Fantasy and also u Trener. MyDFS can be applied in mobile devices which are connected to sport fans spread all over the world by using practical and transparent manner. The blockchain will make it possible for the players with all types who join in this token company to enjoy the fantasy games provided.

This is so simple, easy, and practical since you can use the tokens available in MyDFS to win the games you play and then exchange the rewards you get with currencies both in fiat and crypto forms. MYDFS platform is based on mobile application. This will enable the players to find, select, and play the games easily. In addition, the players will also have chance to manage the token they have and then invest them to other players in order to get more rewards.

MyFDS will be launched soon before world football championship 2018 held in Russia. This will be great chance for you as a sport fantasy lover to get benefit from your hobby. For the token company, the event will allow it to get more audience to help it grow. Being supported with experienced and skillful team, the application developed by MyFDS is almost completed and will give pleasure to every gamer no matter on which level their playing skill is. Read more on the whitepaper

The Company’s Platform

MyDFS comes with revolutionary and wonderful platform to solve problem that gamers often face in current fantasy sport industries. There are some reasons that make the platform is really beneficial, include:

1. Gaming with Transparent System

Every game available in this token company is offered in transparent manner. The gamers will easily access the smart contracts provided.

2. Processing for Payment Made

The payment process conducted by the blockhain is really simple and easy to do. The gamers will get reward if they win the games. The payment will be deposited automatically without the involvement of other parties in the process to guarantee the security process.

3. Player Brokerage

The system applied will enable the gamers to make investment in pro players available in the platform. It will also possible for them to share their winnings easily, freely, and transparently.

4. Quick Verification

The verification process conducted by the blockchain is done quicker. The token company will instantly verify the payments process conducted and then identify the parties involved. The verification process is done via blockchain and the company will control all of things by using the smart contracts available.

The Company’s Token

MyFDS tokens are aimed to help the game players to grow the rewards they have got before. The tokens available can be used by the users for some purposes include join in the game and receive rewards, pay for additional applications and game content, make investment in other players join in the platform, and convert the tokens they get to bot crypto and fiat currencies.

The tokens used are also the dynamic ones. By using dynamic tokens, it will enable the blockchain to do more for the clients’ sake. If the blockchain can grab more players then there will be more demand made for the company’s tokens. This reason makes this token company tries its best to get as much sport fans as possible to join in the company’s platform. Thus, the tokens of MyDFS soon will be registered to 10 leading crypto exchanges so that it can improve its total value and usage.

Token Details

  • Token Name :MyDFS  Tokens
  • Token price :1 MyDFS token = $1.00
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Token Type : Utility token

Token Sales

  • Hard Cap :$40,000,000
  • Pre Sale Date : March 19 – April 2, 2018
  • ICO Sale : April 9 – May 7, 2018




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Find People with Greatest Skills in Vanywhere Platform

People may need to connect each others for many reasons. The most common is that they just want to interact to tighten the relationship. But for many others, it is related to business and the facts that they need each others. As an example is when someone need to make certain software but he is not able to, he must need someone else to make it for him.

This last intention sometimes cannot be done by conventional social media around. This is then the main reason why a platform like Vanywhere must be created and used. Vanywhere is a social media platform especially used to connect those people so-called the seekers and skillers. Whatever the skills needed to meet each others, they are available here. Visit the official website (

About Vanywhere

Vanywhere is a kind of platform to be installed on your Smartphone and any other gadgets. All people can join here to be the members if they look for someone else who have a certain skill as well as want to find freelance jobs. Especially for the skillers, they are classified into two.

First, there are the professional skillers that mean those people who are professional and experts in a particular skill. Meanwhile, there are also influenced skillers; people who are able to influence many people like in the social media. On the other hand, the seekers can just choose one out of them that are really necessary with what they need.

Vision and Mission

It is clear that Vanywhere is established to instantly connect both sides that need each others. it is known that there are many reasons why the seekers and skillers cannot meet each other in the real life. Yes, those are due to the distance and the fact that it is something that cannot be simply known. So, with the presence of this platform, it is much easier for them to interact. More than that, Vanywhere is equipped by some features like live chat and even video call. The interaction can be done peer to peer so that the intention can just be more simply known. Read more on the whitepaper


The first advantage of joining Vanywhere has been mentioned in the previous point; it is to let people interact more easily to do their business. Second, this platform is really easy to use and set up. It is possible then even for the elderly to join Vanywhere. Third, this platform is established to give more benefits for the two parties; the seekers and skillers. The peer-to-peer interaction means that there is no third party involve. It means that the seekers can just spend less money as well as the skillers can get more money. The commission spent is almost zero anyway.


Vanywhere adopts the Blockchain system. It is a system where the transaction data are done in decentralized way. Rather than using the third party as the side who keep the data, they are then kept into many devices interconnected in a network. Therefore, this system tends to be safer, more secured, but also transparent and accessible. Besides, as it has been mentioned above, there is no need to spend too much commission since there is no third party included.

Token Information

Vanywhere publish Smart VANY token that has been tested under the standard of QTUM QRC20. This currency is functioned for the payment while being in the Vanywhere ecosystem. This new business system also allows some other Cryptocurrencies to be used or exchanged. For its being not depending on a certain side, the minimal commissions are able to set up. Aside from that, here are the details of token sale; 1 VANY equals $0,05USD; the cap is $20,000,000; total supply is for Y800, 000,000, and the token sale date is announced soon.

Token Details

Token Name : VANY Tokens
Token price : 1 VANY = $0.05 USD
Token Protocol : QTUM QRC20

Token Sales

Total Supply : Y 800,000,000
Cap : $20,000,000
Token Sale Date : Announced Immediately

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Datarius Cryptobank, the Trusted Cryptobank to Save Money

Have you ever heard about Bitcoin on the radio or television? Do you want to try to buy Bitcoin? Usually people who have this in mind also asking the same question, “What Bitcoin can do for me? Actually, there are few choices.

With Bitcoin, you can buy things online and offline like you can do with your money. If you are aware, there are many either physical or virtual stores which starting to accept the payment using Bitcoin. You can also save your Bitcoin for a rainy day too. If you want to buy, sell, or transfer Bitcoin, there is a platform you can try. In this article we will give you about the profile of the website along with its advantage and token.

About Datarius

Datarius cryptobank is a closed system which decentralized. Since it uses P2P platform, the users are allowed to choose which application or service they want to use. It also reduces the cost when they are going to have transaction. This cryptobank also serves a direct link between borrowers, lenders, and the related service including trading terminals, managers, funds, analyst, and insurance companies. Visit the official website (

Vision and mission

The priority task is to provide many people across the world with an equal and free access to the financial products with its maximum service. Meanwhile, the main mission of this cryptobank is to create a whole new financial product transparently. It wants to provide more people with greater chances and clear tools and to make sure people’s freedom of action and choice. Read more on the whitepaper


There are many advantages that people can get when they choose Datarius as their cryptobank. They are including:

  • Complete set tools of financial

In this cryptobank, it probably has the most complete set tools of financial including Currency Transaction, Direct Lending, Investment Programs, Demand Deposits, Credit for SMEs, and Intra System Card Product. The Currency Transaction financial tools are including TOP exchange gateways, internal exchange, and automatic exchange. Meanwhile for the financial tools of Direct Lending have 3 options and 2 options for Investment Programs. And for Intra System Card Products, it is provided both gateway through companies’ partner and direct-inside intra system unit.

  • Unique verification

The verification in this cryptobank is unique that combines with the existing project of blockchain in the segment

  • New approach to credit scoring

It has total new approach to the scoring of the credit which is based on the existing data which has been received from companies’ partner and it is completed with new unique algorithms.

  • Trusted system

The limit system is trusted with chances to set the user, group, or all users certain limit based on the pre-defined requirements that makes the system becomes more user friendly and more social.

  • Enhanced integration

The links has enhanced integration between fiat and cryptocurrency including the integration transfer system in instant way.

  • Duplicated accounts of internal users

The accounts of internal users’ are duplicated by the real accounts of physical that makes greater chances for the blockchain’s period development.

Token Information

The financial product’s range is arranged in particular by the token holders of DTRC who are directly involved in the company’s development through significant contribution. The tokens that have been purchased entitle active holders to get 65% of the charges and fees which are collected by this cryptobank. The amount will be distributed annually in the early of 2019 to the number of holders’ token.

The last tokens number of DTRC will be defined based on ITO round and will relate to the supply of the total token. Below is slight information about the tokens.

Token Details

  • Token Name : DTRC Tokens
  • Token price : $0,01
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20

Token Sales

  • The fixed value of the token: $0,01
  • Hard Cap:  $51,000,000
  • SoftCap:  $1,000,000

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MDL Talent Hub for Talent and Talent Scouting Company

When you watch a movie, theater show or a singer singing on the stage, especially if those artists are your favorite, you must be wowed by their performance, aren’t you? Have you ever wonder where those producers find them? Maybe you will be surprised, because many of them are coming from the same city like yours and maybe their living place before they become that big are close to yours. Of course, find these diamonds are difficult. The reason is most of those talent scouting company still use old ways and technology to do their job. MDL Talent Hub is trying to change that. Visit the official website (

What is MDL Talent Hub?

This is project that try to make talent scouting become much easier to do. More than that, with Blockchain technology, the searching process will be much more effective. Yes, they try to combine talent scouting service with this latest network technology. So, we can expect something good come from this project later, when it’s officially released to public.


Vision and Mission

Transparency and efficiency are two main concepts that MDL Talent Hub project try to bring into talent scouting business. Previously, only small amount of people know how the talent scouting works. This only brings many problems for actor and company that doing the talent scouting business.

The main mission of MDL Talent Hub is creating a market for dancer, models, actor and other people that is involved in this business and connect them. Like the “Hub” in this project name, this environment will become a huge network for all talents all over the world. They will be connected to company, other talents and business field that are related to their capability. Then, those talents will have much easier and time-saver effort to promote their talents and what they can do, to the world.

The Advantages

Blockchain use special algorithm that will be able to transfer your data faster than you can imagine. Therefore, with this technology, the talents and talent scouting company can easily meet each other faster than what you can see today.

The search feature of MDL Talent Hub is also much better than talent searching method you can find today. This feature will be able to pinpoint the talents and their information instantly for any company that need them. More than that, what the hiring party wants will match with the talents that are available and found through this search feature.

This project is also powered by Skyledger for its special token. With this technology, the transaction in this environment will be much faster and free. This is what make it is different than current talent scouting process. You may need to spend more money that you’ve even imagined to find company that can hire you for your skill or talent. For the talent scouting company, they also can save more time and money to find the diamonds that they need. So, no finding needle in the haystack thing anymore. Read more on the whitepaper

The Tokens

You can get tokens from ICO event. There are two stages in this event, where you can buy tokens. The first stage will give you 40% discount for 10% tokens. The later stage will give you 20% discount for 20% tokens. There are 400 million tokens released on the ICO event. You can buy it with cryptocurrency, which are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Waves and SKY. If you need more, there is also event that allows you to mine for tokens.

So, we can say MDL Talent Hub is unique project. We never had idea that talent scouting also can be integrated with Blockchain technology. So, we expected something good happen with this project that will change this talent scouting business.

Token Details

  • Token Name : MDL Tokens
  • Token price : 0.05 USD
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Payment Accepted : BTC, ETH, Waves, SKY

Token Sales

  • Token Supply :  1,000,000,000
  • Token For Sale : 400,000,000 MDL
  • SOFT CAP :10,000,000 USD
  • HARD CAP : 18,400,000 USD

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PRE-ITO [12 dec, 2017 – 31 Jan, 2018]
ITO [10 Mar, 2018 – 10 Apr, 2018]

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BitRewards, Rewards and Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency

The BitRewards is ways of merchants can support their loyalty program to their customer. The customer loyalty that measured with referrals and purchase in their store repeatedly becomes a key for online business. The loyalty system in retailers and merchants are purposed for rewarding their customer and offer them with incentives that makes their customer want to buy and shop again from the merchant or retail.

The Vision and Mission from BitRewards

The mission from BitRewards is to create platform that give their users with rewards and loyalty that will spread into all forms and sizes from online retailers and connect them with their customer with BTI tokens. The loyalty programs can be complicated with problem occurs such as time consuming and set up consumer. Often, consumer get frustrated when participate in loyalty program, complain how difficult to earn point, bonuses and to redeem their rewards. The blockchain technology allows new approach for loyalty and rewards market that create new values for customer, retailer’s merchants and community. Read more on the whitepaper

The Benefit from BitRewards

There are many benefits that users can get from the platform of BitRewards. It almost solves the problems that appear from the conventional reward system.

  • For customer users:  the BitRewards offers integrated open loop reward system  that simple and convenient to use by the consumer with user friendly interface with customer center approach. They will have their single wallet and accessible to any website of merchant that participated in the program via mobile app or web.  It is no registration required and the tokens are able to redeem to other network member. Next benefit is the free-cost platform. It is easy to install and no need for special skills or knowledge.

  • For retailers: for retailer, the biggest benefit that they get from BitRewards is new marketing tools that also can increase their customer loyalty to them. The BitRewards is free, simple but it is powerful and also flexible to the loyalty program offered for any brand or service that participated.

The BitRewards platform

The platform from BitRewards and ecosystem is created to enables retailers that reward their customer’s purchase, invite friend and other actions using cryptocurrencies. The value is absolute as it get from the purchases of Ethereum tokens and able to redeem for purchases or able to transfer to other crypto wallet.

BIT Tokens

Tokens use in BitRewards is Internal BitRewards that called with BIT. This token is complying into standard from ERC20. BIT is internal tokens that use and conduct the entire operations in BitRewards ecosystem.  The values of VIT tokens are define from supply and demand. The demand side comes from merchants that use BIT tokens to rewards the consumer’s action. The supply is comes from customer that redeem the tokens. The token price is set to growth as it consist unique business model so the rewards also can goes up in value with the time, instead of get expired.

BIT is able to redeem in same store or with other merchants that participating with BitRewards by online crypto wallet that connected with the BitRewards participating merchants. The customer from BIT crypto wallet is also connected with bank debit card.

Token Information

  • Token name : BIT
  • Token platform : Ethereum (ETH ) ERC-20
  • Accepted forms of payment : ETH, BTC
  • Token price : 0.00003472 ETH


Token Sale

  • Token Sale Volume up to 1,280,000,000
  • Token Issue Volume up to 2,000,000,000



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Genesis – Simple and Convenient Investment in Real Estate Blockchain Technology

With the growth of real estate business, a breakthrough investment system is needed to make sure that all the investors will get what they really deserve. The Genesis comes with blockchain and digital technology to create more convenient investment system for real estate investors from all around the world.

Genesis: What Is It Actually?

Genesis comes as a breakthrough solution for investors in real estate so they can get optimum profit upon their investment in more convenience way. The blockchain and digital technologies applied are aimed to give protection for the investors for any risk they might get if they use classic system of real estate investment. The idea behind the company’s establishment is that there is often absence of guarantee in real estate investment that prone to put investors in risks. Moreover, the high price needed for entry makes people difficult to join in the investment system if they do not have sufficient capital.

Based on those problems, wants to make the easier investment system for investors along with secure mechanism to avoid any risk. The new image of real estate marketing created by the company make the investments in the real estate business is faster, safer and more reliable for the clients. Moreover, the company also successfully combines the traditional real estate investment and the more modern one to reach more progressive targets. The distribution of the Genesis tokens will be conducted in some steps. The token distribution is based on the investment strategy applied in the development of the projects provided by the company. The tokens will be distributed to investors as their profit. Read more on the whitepaper

The Benefits of Joining in Genesis

There are a lot of benefits you can get from the Genesis include:

  1. Working Business

The company has been involving in real estate business for more than 15 years. With years of experience, the company is able to manage different real estate business in many countries. Supported with experienced and skillful team, the company has signed more than $100 million contracts in one year.

  1. Credits and Loans

The nicest thing about joining in the Genesis is that the company can provide you with cash anytime you need money urgently. You can ask for loan at lowest interest. In turn, you will be able to use the tokens you have earned before as guarantee. Interestingly, the tokens will be given back to you after you complete all the payment.

  1. Legitimacy

To provide secure investment for the clients, the company uses EU legislation as standardization of the GES tokens distribution. This is to guarantee that you will not lose the money you invest.

  1. Crypto Currency Rate Independent

In joining Genesis, the rate of your cryptocurrency exchange rate will not influence the profit you get from the company. This is because the reward you get due to your investment is fixed. The profit is also converted to Euro. The platform provided will enable you to choose to get your profit either in any fiat cryptocurrency. This is so beneficial and profitable for investors.

Token Information

Token Details

  • Token Name : GES Tokens
  • Token price : 1 GES = 1 EUR
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Payment Accepted : BTC, BTH, ETH, ETC, LTC AND XIN

Token Sales

    SOFT CAP: 3 000 000 Euro.

Token Allocation

    2% – BOUNTY

GET YOUR 15% BONUS – Pre Registration



IСO [01 April, 2018 – 15 May, 2018]


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