Essentia – Decentralized Data Management

What if you were making the most profitable asset on Earth, however giving everything endlessly for nothing. That is precisely the end result for’s you, at the present time, with your information. Presenting Essentia (ESS), the structure for decentralized data administration.

What is Essentia ?

Essentia is a decentralized information administration system that makes another approach to associate with the web, protecting full information proprietorship and control. Essentia will give clients, organizations and their devices full responsibility over their identity, information, belonging, and individual correspondences. Essentia is based on simple however powerful and effortlessly replicable cryptographic activities: sign/ verify/encrypt/ decrypt/.

Essentia is the primary task that deals with making decentralization solidly fungible, and adequately usable, by the clients. Due to its characteristics and execution, the Essentia system can’t be contrasted with any of other existing undertakings. Essentia can coordinate alternate ventures when fundamental and, in the meantime, it gives its administrations in a radical, decentralized manner without, for instance, asking to the client to depend on go-between applications for doing basic errands, for example, logins. These should rather be possible in a genuinely decentralized manner. By marking and confirming a message after a fruitful handshake/challenge between the gatherings. Read more on their whitepaper

Why Essentia ?

  1. Essentia gives a total arrangement of answers for clients, decentralized specialist organizations and their advancements. Essentia is the multi resource swiss-armed force cut arrangement that clients dependably have in their pocket.
  2. Giving a portal to decentralized assets and, through them, conventional web administrations, while likewise having selective, full control, over their personality, advanced life and information.
  3. Essentia fills the arrangement hole of the present scene and makes accessible an entire and adaptable multi-chain system. Its essential objective is to enable clients with a toolset of decentralized arrangements which flawlessly coordinate with on-chain or off-chain frameworks, administrations or assets.
  4. Essentia ensures clients’ protection, needs and security by building up a front line and easy to understand structure. The Essentia system gives full and granular control to clients and empowers them to act namelessly, pseudo-secretly or freely.
  5. Clients can choose whether or not to share their information to some extent or in full and when, how and where that information is shared. Past the ID framework and its associated information and metadata apparatuses or administrations, Essentia likewise gives secure, trustable and decentralized programming condition arrangements that can keep running on all major OSs and equipment.
  6. Essentia is the connective tissue between the client, decentralized assets and conventional frameworks. It empowers anybody, anyplace to exploit in loaded with present and future advances. The Essentia structure is the missing connection that at last empowers a trustable, basic and effective approach to interface with decentralized frameworks and everything that can be associated with them, regardless of whether programming or equipment.

The Essentia Main Framework

  • Highly customizable Modular Decentralized Framework for humans and machines.
  • Decentralized digital IDs for humans and machines.
  • Trust-less, Trustable and Secure. Backed by strong cryptography.
  • Private: only the user has full and total ownership and control.
  • A single personal, custom environment for managing and interacting with multiple IDs, data, assets, decentralized and traditional resources, cross-chain resources and communications, and more.
  • Decentralized, always available, un-stoppable.
  • Cross-Chain, Multi-Chain and Multi-Protocol.
  • Modular, Flexible and Scalable.
  • Privacy-Focused, Anti-Censorship, Persistent, Not-Corruptible.
  • Anonymous and encrypted by default.
  • Agent Agnostic, Head/less and Automatable/Orchestrable, CLI, UIs.
  • Open-Source and Open-Hardware, Essentia has both Software and Hardware implementations.
  • Language Agnostic, Host Agnostic.
  • Fault-Proof and Future-Proof.

Essentia Features

  1. Modular : The Essentia structure extends to fit your developing decentralized life. Include dApps, stages, and wallets at the push of a catch.
  2. Scalable : High throughput enables Essentia to help a huge number of clients all the while.
  3. Full Data Ownership : Your information/data . Your property. Take the power back and recover control of your computerized character and opportunity.
  4. Multi-Chain. Multi-device : Essentia supports different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. It can work on any device, IOT or CLI.
  5. All In One Seed : One secure seed. Endless applications. Essentia is the key that opens your decentralized web experience.
  6. KYC and GDPR by default : Adjust to improved check systems securely without taking a chance with your information or protection. Both for organizations and clients.

User Advantages

  • With the Essentia system, the clients’ IDs, information, work area, records, accounts, programming, wallets, logins et cetera, are not overseen by outsiders or brought together administrations. They can basically take after the client and continuously be completely open and utilized from anyplace, in a trustable working information condition.
  • Ensured by cryptography and blockchain-based frameworks, the client can in a split second and safely access on-chain and off-chain outsider administrations and to collaborate with them. In each case, choosing whether or not to share data or information.
  • The client’s information can be encoded and kept up on decentralized capacity, evacuating any concernsregarding the perseverance and substance of the client’s information. Clients’ scrambled information isn’t openly associated with their IDs. Information must be cryptographically gotten to and utilized by its proprietor and by whom the proprietor chooses to give access and incomplete or full control to.

Token Overview

Token Name : ESS

Token type : Ethereum ERC20

Used to pay for additional services and features

Fungible (i.e each token has the same worth and is interchangeable)

ICO prices  : 1 ETH to 8000 ESS

Crowdsale Hard Cap : $32 million USD



For more information, please join their Twitter|Telegram|Facebook and be sure to check out theirWebsite|Ann Thread| Whitepaper


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ASSETA Presents Future Crypto Bank

About Asseta

Most new businesses attempt to change financial services, yet the most piece of the consideration is coordinated towards the particular specialty and can’t offer all the money related administrations in a single place and one “tick”, which is one of the fundamental customary focal points of the bank, which might be not such innovatively progressed. ASSETA wants to offer customary and future financial products in the environment based on the blockchain technology turn into a standard of single window to every one of the necessities of current managing an account activities.

ASSETA will build up an advanced bank and all the consideration will be focused to give minimal effort, current, simple to use and borderless money related administrations, for example, installments, loaning, protection, cash (incl. most prominent digital currencies) trades and speculations.


The market of financial services definitely changes over the time. The contemporary man needs the services adjusted precisely to his needs. Regarding the requirements of the contemporary client and the assessment of the market of financial services, we thusly have the reason to make a one of a kind item, which enables each day to spare the profitable time. Our motivation is to make the worldwide, solid and driving bank, which would address the issues of the contemporary man. With the assistance of the contemporary innovations we have built up a novel idea without bounds bank. This would enable every client to do all the essential monetary tasks basically at one place. Upon the assessment of the prominence of consistently expanding advanced cash, we have attracted consideration regarding the utilization of the monetary standards in a genuine. Future bank is a financial foundation, which can offer all the conceivable budgetary administrations for the clients advantageously, securely and at a reasonable cost. Read more on their whitepaper

Main Goal

Our principle goal is to fabricate the extension amongst crypto and real (fiat financial) universes. These days individuals who holds their advantages in the computerized arrange (cryptographic forms of money) faces issues in the field of task with such resources in the real world. These issues are caused by the absence of apparatuses that could help spending non-fiat monetary standards in the real world consistently. We will brake every one of the obstructions and fringes amongst fiat and non-fiat universes. We have built up the framework in view of blockchain, which will be the answer for take care of this issue. Utilizing our framework, you will have the capacity to exchange your assets universally, effectively and at a sensible cost – regardless of it’s fiat or crypto. It implies that having a record at Asseta you will get the chance to work with every one of your advantages by means of one application. There will be no need to utilize outer assets, for example, exchangers.

We strongly trust that the execution of blockchain and shrewd contract innovations in the keeping money industry is the way this business may work in the almost future. We will offer the total scope of monetary items and administrations required for regular utilize. It is assessed that more than 6 million of individuals are managing cryptographic forms of money day by day and this number is developing each day. So we have incredible opportunity for development here with the possibility to wind up a solid contender for customary banks.

Services Offered

Asseta has an inventive way to deal with business and cautious treatment of any client, regardless of whether you are a large industrial or a beginner consultant who is simply beginning to seek after a vocation.

  • Installment represent easygoing regular exchanges
  • Asseta charge and Mastercard
  • Credits and funds
  • Speculations
  • Keen Invoicing
  • Installment preparing for traders
  • API for automated payouts

A cryptocurrency application is set to be propelled by ASSETA, one of the world’s biggest autonomous financial services associations because of “taking off worldwide request” and in rebellion of monetary traditionalists. As digital forms of money keep on gaining footing far and wide, the dispatch of this portable application will encourage ASSETA’s central goal to give ease, current, simple to utilize and borderless financial services.

ASSETA Mobile Application



ICO – Initial Coin Offering is an occasion held by ASSETA to raise stores for it’s further advancement and quicken it’s development all around. The primary thought is to fund-raise amid ICO by offering AST coins (tokens) to the speculators, who have confidence in our brilliant future and need to be a piece of transformation in monetary market. After ICO is finished, the tokens will wind up accessible on significant exchangers for open exchanging inside two weeks at a value no uncertainty higher than ICO cost with dynamic development in light of measurements and finished advances.

Why ICO?

We plainly realize that we can achieve our objectives without ICO, as we have effectively completed a major piece of employment by making our organization and platform utilizing our own assets. By and by, ICO will extremely enable us to achieve our objective in a considerably shorter measure of time. The most critical for us is that we will do it together with You! AST coins (tokens) are most likely the best computerized resources based available to date, in view of a productive and currently creating business (not just the thought, as other ICO’s), working in one of the quickest developing regions – fintech industry.

Token Info

Type: ICO
Token Name / Simbol AST
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 10.000.000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 30.000.000 USD
Tokens for sale: 33.000.000 AST
Token price: 1 AST = 0.001 ETH
Accepted Currency ETH and Fiat
Have working prototype: Yes
White paper: Open

To get closer and realizing our vision, we encourage you to visit our homepage, read the white paper to learn more about the platform.



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FundFantasy – Financial Fantasy Trading Platform

What is FundFantasy ?

FundFantasy is a web based gaming stage offering simulative distributed venture rivalries, verifiably reasonable, in which players compete for prizes under the fantasy model

Exactly, FundFantasy is more like an exchanging platform where it is simple for clients to get benefit.

The inquiry is how they can do it?

Indeed, everything that from them is required, is to demonstrate the last profile to a portfolio and in return to get a prize. Income can’t be simpler!

All credit goes on blockchain innovation as it does things totally sheltered and simple.

FundFantasy is made for brokers, gamers, retail speculators or any who needs to hone abilities of the money related investigation in a chipper and safe circumstance, having a chance to win prizes.

FundFantasy Platform

FundFantasy is a financial fantasy trading platform where clients go after prizes by making a definitive portfolio. Thanks to our intuitive gameplay and our blockchain based technology – playing on our platform is fun and secure as it gets.

FundFantasy platform highlights:

  • FundFantasy offers an arrangement of capacities, and they look as takes after.
  • The platform is totally straightforward, and all subtle elements which are fundamental, effectively accessible to you to them.
  • It is reasonable. Different prime cost depends on amount of variables, and they are taken from API
  • The FundFantasy support is extremely basic being used. The gameplay is extremely fascinating. There is an adaptability all together that clients individually distributed the assets.
  • The FundFantasy platform exceptionally fascinating and social. There is even a benefit to make claim rivalries and to welcome companions for interest.

In the event that we talk about benefit, Fund Fantasy is totally beneficial as it permits clients to take an interest in rivalries, as well as and a chance to bring a possess token, for example, FundToken, Bitcoin, and so forth.

Game Process

  • Choose a contest

Look over a wide range of challenges: Head-to-head, Multipliers, Winner-takes-all and the sky is the limit from there. Top-substantial challenges will ensure victors get heavy prizes. Challenges change in term and can go from 1 hour to an entire month. Free challenges are likewise accessible.

All contest points of interest are forthright and accessible for examination before passage. Clients can view and contrast their portfolios and the ones presented by their adversaries.

  • Create a portfolio

Users can pick resources from different resource classes including stocks, items, digital currencies, and fiat monetary standards. Pick the amount to contribute and just select the heading of the cost, up or down.

Portfolios are encoded until the point that contest bolt up and begin and all assets are put away in brilliant contracts. Withdrawals and stores are executed naturally without human intercession.

There are diverse classes of benefits, and clients can browse these classes. The class fluctuates and incorporates activities, cryptography and merchandise.

  • Win large prizes

The FundFantasy platform will run utilizing FundTokens (FUNDZ) – the FundFantasy installment cash. FUNDZ can likewise be utilized to buy section tickets to challenges that compensation out in different monetary forms, for example, BTC, ETH and that’s just the beginning. Offer tokens will be utilized for commission of any exchanges on the Fund Fantasy stage. It is conceivable to call it installment of cash for platforms.

Token Info

Token Symbol: FUNDZ
Token Price at Launch: 1 ETH = 1000 FUNDZ
Token Total Supply: 80,000,000 FUNDZ
Token sale Hardcap: 15,000,000 USD or 56,000,000 FUNDZ – whichever occurs first.

FUNDZ will be utilized to buy entry tickets to contests on the FundFantasy platform. Clients will have the capacity to buy entry tickets to contests conveying BTC and ETH prizes at a marked down cost.

The token deal and the relating token creation process will be sorted out with shrewd contracts running on Ethereum. Members willing to buy FUNDZ can do as such by sending ETH to the assigned address which will be distributed preceding the token deal. Amid general society token deal we will make 56,000,000 FundTokens accessible for procurement, which constitute 70% of the aggregate FundToken supply.

FundFantasy has attempted to join a standout amongst the most surely understood and acknowledged components into the exchange and speculation area. It looks intriguing and we are sitting tight for things to go when the stage is propelled.


To get closer and realizing our vision, we encourage you to visit our homepage, read the white paper to learn more about the platform.



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L-Pesa : Microloans Blockchain Innovation

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used to make secure and fast financial transactions anyplace in the world. This is a decentralized system, not issued or controlled by a bank or government-it is overseen by the client. Cryptocurrency is the eventual fate of monetary exchanges around the world.

Right now i will introduce you a new crypto, it is “L-Pesa“. L-pesa is one of the new altcoins that develops in the crypto space. L-pesa keeps running on ethereum blockchain. As opposed to conventional monetary currencies that have a tendency to lose esteem, the estimation of L-pesa will increment. The expansion in esteem is because of restricted supply and liquidity. The overall population has the chance to make full utilization of ICO (starting coin offer).

What is L-Pesa ?

L-pesa is a mobile banking solution which makes life simple for you by offering a variety of services at your fingertips. L-Pesa  provides two major products to the people in African countries like Tanzania and now in uganda, such as M-Pesa and microloans. With L-pesa customer can do money transfers and bill payments. You can transfer and receive money anywhere across the globe at your convenience. L-Pesa also enables you to do online shopping. You can even recharge your mobile using L-Pesa. L-Pesa helps you in avoiding long queues at banks when seeking loans. It enables you to avoid detailed paperwork and lengthy processes. L-pesa also has a credit score system to build long term relations with its clients. All in all, it provides you a convenient means of carrying out transactions. Read more the information and benefits in their whitepaper.

About L-Pesa

L-Pesa was built in January 2014. As now L-Pesa cases to have a client base of more than 150,000 and developing. Their central station is really situated in Delaware. With the development of L-Pesa is currently opening branches in Uganda and India temporarily. Long haul extension designs thrive in Africa and Asia.

L-pesa Token

The L-Pesa Token is based on the Ethereum blockchain which enables holders to utilize L-Pesa financial tools at decreased cost.

L-pesa Platform

L-Pesa is a financial innovation platform giving new money related devices to customers and independent ventures in Africa and Asia.

L-pesa Microloans

Microloans, the first tool on the L-Pesa platform, enable clients to begin or grow a business, pay for education, or generally suuport their desire throughout everyday life.

image source

Token Details

Token name: KRIPTON

Token ticker: LPK

Token Owner : L-Pesa International Business ltd., Gibraltar. Financial Auditor

Token type: Ethereum ERC20


L-Pesa is undoubtedly here to cause a positive disturbance in the way the crypto system operates. L-pesa has many advantages in basic finance, those are :

  1. Best Basic Finance With L- Pesa Keeps You From Growing
  2. L-Pesa is an innovative micro-loan service that makes it possible for everyone to gain access to financial services. This service is set to transform the landscape of access to finance, especially for those who find it challenging to gain access to finance from formal institutions.
  3. Loan Services When using L-Pesa, there is no need to fill out long forms, provide collateral or even seek guarantors. Your loan application is 100% private and all the steps can be completed on a mobile device.
  4. Credit Score Benefits L-Pesa makes the entire credit score system more basic and simple to understand. To begin with, you credit score increases the more loans that you take and repay on time. In the event that you miss payments, or make your payments late, your credit score drops down to zero.
  5. Savings Services Your savings remain totally safe while in your L-Pesa account, and you have the benefit of being able to access them at any time. This makes the entire process of money management much easier, and you will also feel more empowered with your money.
  6. L-Pesa offers an extensive range of services in finance, so that anyone with minimal financial knowledge will understand how they can better manage their money.

To get closer and realizing our vision, we encourage you to visit our homepage, read the white paper to learn more about the platform.

ANN Thread Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Telegram Whitepaper Medium Youtube

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All Public Art – Innovation on Global Art Market

In this opportunity I will present the most recent project whose project aims in the art of of All Public Art.

What is All Public Art (APA)?

ALL PUBLIC ART (APA) is an innovation startup that consolidates art and blockchain space with a business model uniquely qualified to solve the difficulties of international art trade. All Public Art (APA) is a connection between three fields with tremendous potential. Those fields are :

  1. Art itself
  2. Blockchain technology
  3. Market users

By combining each area into a new art model to create a great market. All art should have a mutually beneficial art market between artists and collectors. Supporting all art means that we have created a healthy future, for we have united artists and consumers from all walks of life that share the same interests of obtaining pleasant, efficient and fair works of art for all. visit the official site (


ALL PUBLIC ART (APA) uses the power of blockchain as a regulatory function. Blockchain technology offers great potential that fits perfectly with the art market that enables a peer-to-peer service for artists, sellers, collectors and consumers alike. This will greatly minimize the number of fake works and manipulate the prices to intermediaries in the market. Read more in the whitepaper (

Previously, purchasers and sellers had to use the auction house, art consultant or art gallery (as an intermediary) to coordinate trade in order to avoid fraud in the transaction. In addition we also have to pay commissions to intermediaries. With the All Public Art platform we don’t need to pay a charge (commission) because blockchain technology offers complete transparency for both parties involved in the transaction. The All Public Art team invites us and gives a chance to join the All Public Art. Using the advantages of blockchain technology to change benefits in the art market is a creative and exciting.

image source

Mission and Vision

The All Public Art mission is to be a piece of the innovation development called regtech. Regtech itself is the use of innovation to the capacity of setting evaluating, compliance, and supervision of conventional markets. The present trading arrangements in the art market can be supplanted by the blockchain’s capacity to guarantee the legitimacy of a transaction while ensuring that art holder and personality records are precise and stay unaltered.

All Public Art vision is to make a community that incorporates individuals who trade in artwork that uses the advantages of blockchain technology. All Public Art is quick to set out on an idea that will coordinate blockchain technology into the art market, enhance art trade services and improve financial and social advantages in the worldwide art community.

All Public Art Dedication and Target :

  • Support artists, sellers, collectors and consumers who trade art.
  • Reduces fake artwork on the market through modern identification methods and blockchain tracking technology.
  • Enable transparent transactions and public accountants between artists, sellers, collectors and consumers through blockchain technology.
  • Improve the quality of trading process by eliminating the role of intermediaries.
  • Utilizing new and exciting technology to help artists.
  • Connecting the global community of people who love art.

All Public Art (APA) Token Sales

If you take an interest in token sales then you will get the token of All Public Art. We just acknowledge installment through Eth.
AllPublicArt Token will be made In a token sale that will not be more than 400,000,000 tokens or $ 20,000,000 (token sale cap).

Pre-Sales Token Phase

This pre-sale stage will run from January 15, 2018 to January 21, 2018. The goal of this phase is to construct sales momentum of tokens in a brief time, and to to support interest in the beginning periods. Rewards will be issued relying upon the quantity of tokens contributed.

At least 35 ETH commitments are required to take an interest in this stage unless you are an enrolled artists.

Least Contributions and Bonus Details are:

  • The base commitment is 15 $ worth of ETH for Artists 25% reward.
  • Least commitment is 10.5k $ worth 25% ETH reward.
  • Least commitment is 30k $ ETH worth 30% reward.
  • Least commitment is $ 150k $ ETH worth 35% reward.
  • The base commitment is $ 300k $ ETH worth 45% reward.

One can not purchase in excess of 25,000,000 All Public Art tokens, or what might as well be called $ 1,250,000 USD worth of ETH. Along these lines, one can buy tokens with a most extreme estimation of $ 1.25 million ETH

Pre-deals artists: There is no base commitment required when aa Artist is checked and whitelisted. Whitelisting necessities are Visual Artists enrolled at All Public Art and have fine art and those enlisted on the Website will get a 20% Bonus with a base commitment of 0.5 ETH.

Token Sales Stage

The token sales stage will keep running from January 23, 2018 to February 18, 2018. Beginning members will get a token reward to remunerate them as they first join right on time in the deal. The quicker you join the programmed reward you get will be more noteworthy.

Deals Details are underneath:

  • The primary week with a reward of 20%
  • The second week with a reward of 15%
  • The third week with a reward of 10%
  • Week four with reward 0%

Much the same as the Pre-sale organize, one ought not purchase in excess of 25,000,000 All Public Art tokens, comparable to $ 1.250,000 USD worth of ETH. Subsequently, one can buy tokens with a most extreme estimation of $ 1.25 million ETH.


  • 2015-2016: DEVELOPMENT

Advancement of portable platform and application (Android and iOS) sites.


Lawful structure and execution of showcasing techniques, Smart Board warning, coding and review races, token deal site advancement, and private pre-deal.


Pre Sales and Public Tokens, Recruitment of abilities for key positions, Public Community advancement, showcasing of All Public Art tokens in significant media and the worldwide artist group.


The dispatch of the AllPublicArt token on the APA stage, utilizing a global advertising design, propelling an uncommon promoting procedure for the art market, business development openings in the Middle East and Europe, consistence and administrative structure.


Counseling at a global level, expanding APA stage exchanging volume with extra usefulness and client engagement, propelling particular deals and showcasing efforts, business development openings in develop markets: US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, B2B Expansion Strategy for galleries art and art associations.

  • 2020: EXPANSION

Increment piece of the overall industry, acquisitions and extension, promote APA commercial center advancement, extend the utilization of All Public Art tokens in the workmanship advertise, develop vital associations in human expressions world, fortify APA Community.

Feel free to visit our homepage, read the white paper to learn more about the platform.

Website | Telegram | ANN Thread | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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EQUI – Innovative Token for Venture Capital Market

Hi, in this opportunity I need to show you a promising and fascinating ICO venture that can change the investment advertise. The project name is EQUI.

What is EQUI ?

EQUI is an imaginative task and a token from EQUI Capital, which will change the investment market and give it a brilliant future with the utilization of present day blockchain advances. The EQUI venture gives a chance to end up some portion of an intense speculation development that will join the cryptographic group with the customary investment advertise.

The EQUI Motivation

The assignment of EQUI is to transform funding into a cutting edge innovation industry that will enable individuals to join their powers and take an interest in the venture segment, which generally is involved by enterprises and individuals with an abnormal state of prosperity. EQUI, depending on the learning and experience of fruitful and far-located business visionaries, will help create and succeed skilled businesspeople pioneers and present day organizations that would prevail from utilizing the EQUI stage, and will likewise help pick up the fundamental experience and support.

The Vision

The EQUI’s vision is to bring investment (venture capital) into the advanced technological period. It will enable people to join powers and take an interest in a venture division that has been generally saved for foundations and ultra high total assets people. Read more on the whitepaper 

As should be obvious, EQUI will give numerous approaches to prevail to the individuals who will take part in the task. What’s more, this task is one of the uncommon open doors for a little wander financial specialist to enter an expansive market. This is for the most part accessible just to the world class and huge partnerships, which have uncommon benefits here and great accounts.

Blockchain Innovation  as the way to the Future Business Development

The EQUI group trusts that blockchain innovation is altering the business and way of life without bounds. Utilizing blockchain innovation, the EQUI stage will exhibit these openings and enable speculators to take an interest in the development of another age of fruitful companies. EQUI joins the funding market with innovation to make a quality stage that will encourage the advancement of speculation openings, which will enable individual people and little companies to put resources into investment alongside experience companies and “business sharks”. This will empower business visionaries to be at the front line without bounds business and its victories.

EQUI gives financial specialists and holders a speculation gateway for what’s to come. A progressive venture platform, joined with blockchain innovation, will utilize the abilities of the worldwide group to help new companies. EQUI is bound to wind up one of the main communities for new and experienced speculators wishing to end up some portion of the reestablished funding market.


EQUI Token

EQUI tokens are our new ERC20 tokens that will enable access to the EQUI platform and the capacity to put resources into EQUI ventures.

EQUI tokens ought to be acquired for a few reasons:

  • To put resources into the conceivable outcomes without bounds;
  • To keep tokens with a specific end goal to create income;
  • For exchanging and pitching tokens from the EQUI stage to outsider trades.

EQUI Capital

EQUI Capital is a beginning period of venture fund, supporting visionary innovation business people in building driving companies. The EQUI group has a broadness of experience spreading over all parts of business influencing them to all around outfitted to band together with entrepreneurial ventures and make progress.

EQUI Capital intends to be the essential entry for yearning business people hoping to pioneer their dreams into reality. The concentration for venture determination puts an accentuation on innovative advances with a predisposition towards blockchain innovation. Companies must address a huge market opportunity and offer the possibility to develop into the market pioneers of tomorrow.

The benefits of tokens holders

All EQUI tokens holder will approach the platform and the chance to pick venture ventures. All activities will be assessed by the venture gather EQUI before they are distributed on the stage. At that point the offers of undertakings can be obtained by financial specialists and clients of the stage utilizing EQUI tokens.

EQUI on account of the Ethereum-convention innovation with its keen contracts will enable every single qualified member to exploit the incomes created from the investment in the task. The special structure of EQUI compensation is effectively adjusted to guarantee exceptional yield on pay of the individuals who contribute and utilize EQUI, along these lines isolating the vision and goals of the venture. 75% of all benefits will be paid to speculators and tokens holders. The remaining 25% will be utilized to help the EQUI venture bunch as a reward for the execution of their obligations. This structure was intended to guarantee greatest productivity, with the goal that the interests of all gatherings are considered in all regards and, along these lines, to accomplish the most extreme outcome for all partners.

Presale, ICO and EQUI tokens:

Pre-Sale: from March 1, 2018 to March 7, 2018 + 25% Bonus


from March 8, 2018 – to March 15, 2018 + 15% Bonus

c 15 March 2018 – until the point that 21 March 2018 + 5% Bonus

from March 22, 2018 – March 31, 2018

Add up to supply of EQUI tokens: 250,000,000

Cost of the token: 0.50 US dollars

EQUI tokens are ERC20 tokens that will enable access to the EQUI stage and give their holders the chance to put resources into EQUI ventures.

To get closer and realizing our vision, we encourage you to visit our homepage, read the white paper to learn more about the platform.


Author : naurah03