Exindex – Cryptocurrency Fund on Profit Sharing


Exindex is a Cryptocurrency fund built on profit sharing where investors receive 75% per quarter of the profits generated by the fund as Bonuses. Exindex is an investment and Cryptocurrency fund run by a team of experienced blockchain investors and technologist. In addition to investing in new digital tokens as well as Cryptocurrencies, we are among the first funds, building a robust database of digital tokens and Cryptocurrency market data using advanced technical trading strategies.

Exindex applies institutional asset management rigor to Cryptocurrency and digital token investing and this inform its strategy by capturing and analyzing the necessary market data. The firm invests in the digital assets of teams that solve difficult problems with high technical solutions in defensible and scalable markets, building systems to evaluate data of teams and their tokens.

Exindex presents another and inventive plan of action which enables financial specialists to profit by the ascent of the blockchain innovation and produce chance balanced profits for a variety of differing digital forms of money.

Exindex makes it simpler for the financial specialists to put resources into cryptographic money resources without to the dangers, specialized hindrances, exchanging, owning and exchanging individually. Exindex is open for speculations just amid ICOs.

Exindex is a shut finished store manufactured utilizing keen gets that makes utilization of machine learning, Technical examination and Big Data to put and exchange digital money resources while giving full straightforwardness to the speculators.

Exindex issues tokens based on benefit sharing which enables token proprietors to gather 75% of quarterly benefits. Eindex will reinvest 10% of the benefit once again into the reserve to develop the capital pool.

Exindex ICO Overview

Ticker  EXD
Project Type Token
Platform  Waves
Total Supply 50,000,000
ICO Start Date December 23rd 2017 12:00 UTC
ICO Finish Date February 20th 2018 12:00 UTC



Exindex Roadmap

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Ellcrys – The First Blockchain for Collaboration

What is ELLCRYS ?

Ellcrys is a the principal brilliant blockchain that can enables any individuals on the planet to , group possessed, form open, savvy programming items and great popularity based web organizations.Any individuals from anyplace can to offer their ability to help an Ellcrys association, take an interest in choice of influencing forms, to get rewards for their make commitments and pick up notoriety with the system.

Why ELLCRYS Idea Come Up ?


Current any web specialist organizations make restrain association accounts, to just help a one proprietor who is make allowed boundless access to include and evacuate clients and can’t deal with the record and all resources. Ellcrys see this in administrations like a Github, Stripe, Heroku and any more. Kind from record or association structure can’t work for to the future decentralized associations where there can’t be a solitary proprietor or pioneer, no trust and no central station. This is a make basic issue that requirements to explained before decentralized, and make effortcentric web association is conceivable.

ELLCRYS Solution

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Ellcrys will make the focal point of all coordinated effort attempts organization.Ellcrys will make a framework extremely multiowned, which means there is no any proprietor, no pioneers, no requirements for trust and no a headquarter. Any individuals can get this substance, push a commitments, confirm and vote in favor of draw demand and make different recommendations. An archive it’s can to be get simple installment for benefit offered or a gift. Benefactors can aggregately choose an income to sharing and influence an administration to display one of a kind to a vault.

Why Should Ellcrys ?

Because Ellcrys :

  • Decentralized Git Hosting Service
  • Receive Rewards for contributing to Open Source Projects
  • Blockchain for Trustless, censorship-resistant software development
  • Build Organizations Around Software Products

Decentralized Git Hosting

Ellcrys utilized as a shrewd adaptations of control framework for programming this ventures where make decentralized possession is a simple to prerequisite. Later on, the storehouses from decentralized organizations or conventions ( bitcoin, ethereum, and more ) facilitated on the Ellcrys arrange.

Programming Outsourcing

Ellcrys Project holder can to make outsource their open source undertakings to millions from any autonomous engineers and have the capacity to simple hold responsibility for, and can make and disperse an assignments and hold energy to make set price.The Individual designers can be finished errands and make simple acquire rewards.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

The Communities can to assemble decentralized, exertion driven an associations around a git high archive. These associations will take a shot at portable applications, libraries, web applications/administrations, make shrewd contracts, ans and so forth. Choices are make through this proposition and make an endorsement voting system.

Paid Open Source Product

Ellcrys Maintainer of open source items can make a branches and set an any cost to be paid by individuals who bring the branches. Maintainer and a designers can to gain coins remunerate for, paid programming issues.


Ellcrys be depending on the biological community that can ascend to help and quick develop the system.

  • Name coin : Ell (plural: Ellies)
  • Symbol : ELL
  • Total suplay : 10 000 000 000 (10 billion)
  • Mining Algorithm : StackMint
  • Utility : P2P Transactions , Push Fee, Fetch Fee (paid branch only), Network Consensus Skake , Marketplace Transactions

Ellcrys Pre Sale


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VINChain – Decentralized Vehicle History

We love cars, right ? New car models are propelled day by day with new innovation and most recent highlights. The normal and individual medium of transport for the general population is an auto. They, similar to us, lead an existence. The utilized Vehicle industry is a piece of the story where Vehicle discovers its new life. Another cost for the new proprietor. The proprietor who purchases the auto is to a great extent uninformed of the historical backdrop of the auto, and this makes a perplexing circumstance for the purchaser. The purchaser winds up with absence of data about the vehicle. This data hole brings forth another outsider industry, where middle person and specialists have more use in the arrangement than the real captivating gatherings.

The delegate plays from both the sides and makes his fortunes. Both the drawing in parties have put stock in issues, and this to a great extent benefits the outsider. The utilized vehicle has turned into its very own industry which is made out of a great deal of undesirable wheels, who confine the speed of the market for their own benefits. The requirement for a reasonable stage to break this chain has turned out to be considerably more dire as we see the market development in the current years. 95 a huge number of autos were sold in 2016.

The market is tremendous considering the present and authentic patterns. We can dare to dream that this speed will keep expanding each year. We require a stage which can give a far reaching answer for this issue, in this way making a domain of trust between the purchaser and merchant of the utilized vehicle. This can be fathomed using the idea of most recent and solid innovation, to encourage a smooth stream of data between connecting with parties.


VINChain has chosen to make a decentralized storehouse of utilized vehicles in view of the blockchain innovation. It will be quick, protected, secure and straightforward. It makes the whole life cycle of an utilized vehicle, which is put away in the most secure innovation. Collecting every one of the information about a vehicle will be a standout amongst the most critical assignments of the stage. Auto merchants, auto producers, insurance agencies and banks are a piece of the VINChain ecosystem community.

Gambar terkait

Gambar terkait

They can use the database of utilized vehicle to their advantage. The essential goal of the VINChain incorporates joining all the key members in the Auto Industry on to the stage, where they can share the information in the straightforward way. A token is utilized by the VINChain to facilitate the procedure of data trade on the vehicle.

VINChain gives different uses in B2B exchanges, which will enormously profit the Car producers and auto merchants. The plan of action is very basic where VINChain wins commissions from every data ask. It plans to make a maintainable model for the Auto business.

How VINChain Works ?

Since only seller is aware of the true condition of a used car, it’s not easy for the buyer to predict whether the car will truly be in a “good” or “bad” condition. VinChain is the world’s first decentralized international automotive data marketplace that will reveal the full history of any vehicle.

ICO Information

The ICO begins on March 22, 2018, and proceeds until April 15, 2018. An aggregate of 600 000 tokens are accessible. The assets will be used with the end goal of VINChain item improvement and promoting costs. The group includes specialists from the different areas, for example, Automotive, deals and showcasing and innovation. We trust that they would convey their guarantees which looks energizing.

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Why VINChain ?

VINChain Team

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Apollo – The Future of Crypto Trading

Hi everyone, I might want to inform you concerning about Apollo DAE project. This is undertaking of another crypto trade for the exchanging of crypto resources. This trade will have contrasts from existing analogs.

                               Apollo DAE – High-tech Digital Asset Exchange 

Apollo DAE is an exclusive cryptocurrency stage. As of now, there offer advantage DAE tokens for individuals who uncover their lines and individuals who paper exchange on the demo trade all through their ICO period. In the event that you take an interest in the pre-ICO give, you can likewise procure extra tokens.

WHAT'S Apollo DAE?

Apollo is changing the universe of cryptocurrency exchanging. With a simple to-utilize, intuitive online program, they place control in the hands of clients. Their strategy for cryptocurrency is exclusive and dynamic. Their advanced preference trade, or DAE, gives adaptability and control. Apollo perceived the issue that such huge numbers of alt coins have turned out available just to blur away later on. They comprehended the precariousness of a few blockchain exchanging innovations and settled on a choice to some portion of and make a move.

They are sure that there will be requirement for DAEs. They realize that altcoins and activities will cruise by, yet keep up that Apollo will stay solid as a particular organization that satisfies the requirements of stock brokers. By purchasing their DAE tokens, they say clients will have a much more steady future and will be in a position to spare shrewdly.

                                         Apollo Main Feature
The Main Feature
  • Lower fees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Customizable trading interface
  • Default trading UI centered around the buy box. Stay focused on what’s important
  • Fast trade execution from anywhere in the world
  • Make your own trading pairs. No longer be stuck trading against USD, BTC, and ETH. (ex: XRP/DASH or IOTA/EOS)
  • Quick deposits and withdraws.
  • Anonymous account options
  • Liquid order book trading from day one.
  • Worldwide distributed servers for security and redundancy
  • Market protections. (ex: Flash crash breakers, spoofing limiter and etc.)
Clients Have Control

Apollo offers clients full voting control over how they spend their capital by utilizing ETH contracts. Individuals who agree to accept ICO get elite voting tokens, known as AVO. Therefore giving them larger part say in how capital is spent and helps jelly clients connected with and upbeat.

Clients SELECT THE Price

In addition to presenting control over how capital is placed in, clients likewise get to deiced the amount DAE tokens cost by voting and exchanging on the demo stage. Following the ICO arrange, clients will love soundness in rates as a result of their MAP costing framework.

Acquiring Bonus offer Tokens

A few different approaches to acquire advantage DAE tokens basically by locks in. The first and most prominent technique is to truly get your very own like and offer it. You’ll procure tokens when individuals utilize your connection to join. You can likewise gain tokens by utilizing their demo trade amid ICO and daily paper exchanging. Moreover, you can create remunerate tokens by joining the constrained spots for their pre-ICO deal.

Apollo DAE ICO Features

Apollo offers day in and day out help, insurance against showcase mishaps, a fluid request production, easy to understand interfaces, and exchanging devices that beat contenders. They additionally ensure a 99.99% up-time for his or her exchanging framework and guarantee clients that they will consistently associate with insofar as they might be required. Once propelled, they anticipate extraordinary accomplishment in their exchanging establishment.

Apollo Token Pre-Sales




Join the Pre-Sale now: https://apollodae.io/


For further information feel free to visit us :

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RXEAL – The Way to Profit from Real Estate

RxEAL is a stage for trustless and safe security store stockpiling on the Ethereum blockchain. It furnishes decentralized debate determination with the principle concentrate on land and car rental markets esteemed at many billions USD consolidated. RxEAL will likewise be accessible for different enterprises that request trustless reserve stockpiling and reasonable question determination.

A security store is a measure used to cover any misfortunes endured by the investment property. Nonetheless, giving over the assets to the next gathering for capacity is an issue of trust. The paying party can’t be sure that the store has been put away securely and that the other party will restore the store. Moreover, toward the finish of the assention, it can take a long time for a resident to get their store back, and debate may possibly wind up being settled in court, taking up significantly longer timeframes.

We trust that RxEAL is the answer for disposing of a developing number of extortion cases in rental exchanges related with out of line withholding of assets from the security store toward the finish of the rental assention by giving an interface to participate in these exercises utilizing savvy contracts requiring no specialized learning. Not exclusively does RxEAL take care of the previously mentioned issue, it likewise gives substantially quicker store return rates and cost adequacy contrasted with current off-chain arrangements.

Inside the RxEAL stage clients can create keen contracts in view of terms the two gatherings have concurred on. The agreement will guarantee that the store sum is put away safely on the Ethereum blockchain over the span of the concurrence with no probability of singularly changing the agreement terms or getting to the assets. In case of a debate with respect to the last division of the store, our stage will give a decentralized and free arbitrage led by qualified individuals who win RXL tokens for settling the question.

Blockchain Technology

The RxEAL venture uses Ethereum blockchain innovation so as to execute the complex rationale in shrewd contracts on the hubs inside the system.

The Ethereum arrange is right now the most progressive brilliant contract stage with an extraordinary group behind it, and in addition a broad library of improvement systems and a developing client base. It is urgent for our stage clients to have the most abnormal amount of trust in the basic system and the information that the undertaking is by and large always made strides.

Stores are put away inside the keen contracts and are unavoidable by any gathering singularly unless a formerly customized condition the two gatherings concurred on is activated by a shrewd contract. This approach dispenses with the likelihood of infringement of the agreement terms.

RxEAL does not store stores nor does it have any entrance to the assets kept in savvy contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. RxEAL is a stage that gives clients an interface to create and send the shrewd contracts with no specialized information required.

Stores to brilliant contracts will be made in ETH or Dai ERC20 perfect tokens.


The business will begin at 3 pm on December 4, 2017.

Pre-sales end at 15:00 on December 3, 2017

Private token pre-sales end

Pre-offer of tokens starts at 12:00 UTC on December fourth, closes at 12:00 UTC on December 31st or closes when the pre-sales restrain is reached. Pre-sales members can buy 100% reward RXL tokens at a settled rate of 0.00125 ETH.


Business Development Strategy

RxEAL will put intensely in advertising and deals exercises to encourage business development.

Association Network

So as to guarantee the fruitful advancement of the RxEAL stage and to draw in new clients, we will make association concurrences with organizations whose business specifics require safe store stockpiling and a reasonable debate determination process including, however not restricted to, land offices, property improvement organizations and auto rental organizations. Also, we intend to join official groups working in land, auto rental and different fields whose objective is to secure the privileges of their individuals.

Principle locales for improvement of the organization system will be the United States, Asia, Canada, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Eastern and Western Europe.

Occasion Marketing

Cooperation in industry-related gatherings and occasions is a basic piece of our business improvement methodology which will give a stage to meet industry pioneers, specialists and potential clients with who to share quick data about RxEAL, our tentative arrangements, share involvement and answer potential inquiries. Moreover, we will support key industry meetings and occasions tending to eventual fate of the blockchain biological community.

We intend to have various workshops with a specific end goal to instruct our customers and potential customers about the RxEAL stage and blockchain innovation benefits.

Online Advertising

Keeping in mind the end goal to target potential customers, we will dispatch focused on advertisement crusades utilizing administrations, for example, Google AdSense. We intend to put resources into different flag battles on industry related sites and news gateways.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

The significance of web-based social networking nearness has expanded enormously; subsequently, RxEAL will be effectively present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other prominent informal communities.

Moreover, promoting efforts will be propelled on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Furthermore, we will utilize administrations of mainstream YouTube and Twitter bloggers keeping in mind the end goal to publicize our administrations.

Content Marketing

With a specific end goal to give included esteem data about our administrations and to feature pertinent industry advancements, we will keep up an organization news blog. Also, in participation with different news entryways, data about the RxEAL stage and our administrations will be accessible as public statements and articles.

Cold Calls (B2B)

Cold calling stays a standout amongst the best deals strategies, in this manner, we intend to go into benefit concurrences with a few call focuses situated in various districts keeping in mind the end goal to cover customers from different nations and additionally to consent to social and business contrasts over our objective locales. Cool calling will be exclusively utilized for B2B purposes.

The point of chilly calling exercises is to give nitty gritty data about RxEAL to our potential customers and also organize gatherings for singular stage introduction.

Local Offices

A fundamental factor for development of our business is physical nearness in target districts, which is the reason we will set up nearby workplaces in a few nations. The principle assignments of the local workplaces will be organization arrange advancement, advancement of our administrations in neighborhood markets, training of potential customers and giving restricted help to existing clients.

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Odem – Unlocking Higher Education

The most recent approach to learn at the world’s best colleges

A few students who are taught at the college feel that the information picked up does not coordinate desires. The most recent method for concentrate on the planet’s best colleges has dependably been what students are searching for. students who have a high interest, continually attempting to appreciate school at top colleges like Hardvard, Oxford, et cetera. Be that as it may, the impediment looked by these students is, the college can not acknowledge an excessive number of students, so constrained a huge number of students on the planet can just investigation on the neighborhood grounds as it were.

 ODEM.io is the solution

ODEM.io is a decentralized commercial center where instructors from the world’s best colleges offer science and students buy the learning. On the ODEM.io stage, anybody can enlist and distribute special instructive books at a sensible cost. As I would see it, this market will develop quickly, in light of the fact that the instructive needs of imaginative students on the planet unquestionably insufficient if just depend on neighborhood training. In addition, teachers in the ODEM.io environment are master instructors in a specific field and some of them are from top worldwide colleges.

ODEM.io executes blockchain innovation to guarantee that the ODEM stage is decentralized. Basically, blockchain is an innovation that can record and store information on openly circulated records. Information put away on the blockchain, can not be changed by anybody, the assets will keep going forever. Blockchain innovation is likewise connected to Bitcoin, Ethereum and different digital forms of money that serve to record the points of interest of an exchange, including address, time, sum, and every last bit of it can be observed by the general population. Blockchain innovation is extremely helpful to stay away from the act of misrepresentation including defilement.

Environments At ODEM.io

In a commercial center, must have an environment engaged with it. Here are a portion of the subjects engaged with exchanges occurring in ODEM.io.

ODEM Platform

The ODEM stage will go about as an adjust controller and apply certain parameters or criteria, and additionally a stage for biological communities to interface with each other. The ODEM stage assumes an imperative part, as the ODEM Platform should keep on monitoring the advancement of collaborations that happen in biological communities incorporating executing with Smart contracts.


students or students are the individuals who require more elevated amounts of instructive administrations. This understudy is a purchaser of administrations accessible in the commercial center. These administrations might be educational programs, address or course. At that point for students who purchase the educational modules, the understudy must send the outcomes from the educational modules to the teacher at ODEM. A wide range of installments made by students, will be less demanding on the grounds that it utilizes ODEM Wallet.


The teacher is somebody who has all the more spare time to share his insight all through the world. The greater part of these teachers are speakers or educators from the best colleges on the planet. So the enthusiasm of students will be higher on the off chance that you know the details of teachers in the ODEM commercial center. The errand of the instructor is to send the material required by the students, it can be a course, educational programs and address. Furthermore, teachers ought to likewise partake in educational modules offering on ODEM. As a blessing, a teacher will get paid through ODEM Wallet.

ODEM Wallet and Crypto Exchange

ODEM Wallet is a wallet utilized by students and instructors to spare their cash keeping in mind the end goal to encourage exchanges on the ODEM commercial center. The straightforwardness and adaptability of withdrawal will make the experience of one’s exchanges more agreeable. Transportation charges won’t be charged to senders or beneficiaries, or totally FREE. Additionally exchange security will be secured by Smart Contract usage.

ODEM Token Sale

Token Sale is a technique utilized by a stage for gathering pledges purposes by offering new tokens to the general population, particularly the cryptographic money group. ODEM Token Sale expects financial specialists to prepare KYC (Know Your Customer) to finish information by transferring records, for example, ID Card, Dirver License or Passport.

For financial specialists taking an interest in ODEM Token Sale will have a few focal points, which will be hurried to end up individuals from the ODEM people group, get uncommon rebates to appreciate the administrations gave by the ODEM stage and to support students and teachers, by lessening the weight of expenses borne by the two gatherings.

ODEM Token Overview

* Token Symbol: ODEM
* Token Type: ERC20 - Ethereum Blockchain
* Acknowledge: Ethereum
* AML/KYC Requirements: Yes
* ODEM Token Sale Price: 0.05 EUR equal in Ethereum

Token Sale

* Most extreme Supply: 396,969,697
* Portion of Token Sale and Pre Sale: 238,200,000
* ODEM Token Sale Start: February 17, 2018
* ODEM Token Sale End: March 19, 2018

Odem Token Distribution


ODEM.IO ICO iconewsmedia.com - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM.IO ICO iconewsmedia.com - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM.IO ICO iconewsmedia.com - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

Odem Roadmap

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