Outdoor Dining Room Ideas

There is a different sensation that feels when dining in the open space. The combination of warm morning sun, the sound of water splashing pool and the cool wind makes the dining activities become more relaxed and fun.

Building an outdoor dining area is an interesting option, especially for you nature lovers. But the design process is certainly not as easy as designing the dining room in general.

There are several things you need to pay attention in outdoor dining room ideas to minimize the risk of damage in the future. Here are some important points you should consider when planning an open dining room.

Choose Outdoor Furniture

Being outside, chairs and dining tables are at risk of being damaged by sun and rain. Therefore, choose outdoor furniture that is already designed using materials that are resistant to all kinds of weather. For example, such as synthetic rattan, solid wood, or made from metal. For wood materials, make sure you provide a waterproof coating and mushrooms to keep the wood durable. Besides resistant to weather changes, outdoor furniture treatment is also easier.

Floor Materials

Choose a weatherproof floor covering material and easy to maintain. Five types of floor covering materials you can choose include ceramics, natural stone, wooden deck, cement board deck and plastic wooden composite deck.


Do not forget the lighting element. Because like the kitchen, dining activities also require lighting is quite bright. Put a standing light in the corner of the room or chandelier if the dining area is shaded by the roof. Then add some decorative candles to change the atmosphere to make it more romantic.

Decorative Pots

Put some decorative pots with beautiful flowering plants to decorate your dining area. The presence of potted plants is reinforcing the nuances of nature, ‘bring’ you as if one with the natural surroundings.

Home Accent Wall Ideas

With accents, the look of space can be more interesting, making the space look different, and away from the boring impression. Accents on the walls or space as a whole can come from many things. The accents do not need to be large or are in a large area, just select a unique technique, object, or material and let it stand out in space. As some of the following ways can be used for home accent wall ideas.

Paint the Wall

Painting is one of the easiest ways to decorate and beautify walls and spaces. In this way too, the color can be an accent in the wall and space. Apply a different color from the dominant color in space on one side of the wall. Choose colors that contrast with the overall color used, can be color with a lighter or dark gradation. Use the color on the side of the wall you want to find, eg walls that have windows or artwork that want to display.

Use Different Materials

Side walls can also be decorated with the use of certain materials, such as wood or natural stone. Wood or natural stone can coat one side of the wall. That way, both materials can be accented in space and highlight the area.

Present Patterns and Textures

In addition to colors, patterns or textures can also be an accent in space. Patterns and textures can be presented through wallpaper or wall sticker. Using wallpaper or wall sticker is also a simple way to decorate walls and space.

Take advantage of home accessories

A variety of home accessories can be mounted on the wall and become a beautiful accent. Select large objects, such as mirrors or artwork for display. In addition to size, another thing to note is the color of accessories and the unusual shape that can add to the attraction of the object.

Present Letter Art

When the color or wallpaper is used, letter art can be a fun way to decorate the walls. With different types of writing, color, size, and material, letter art can be an interesting accent for wall and space look.

How to Create a Minimalist Kitchen

Having a limited number of shelter makes you have to work on arranging the layout of every room in the house, including kitchen placement. Minimalist kitchen quite a lot of interest because of its size which tend to be small and simple, so easy to clean. Despite being in a cramped space, always keep the minimalist kitchen in your home stay comfortable to use and function optimally. Here are tips how to create a minimalist kitchen in your home:

Efficient and modern with multifunctional Furniture

The small kitchen facilitates your activities while in the kitchen, the distance between processing food, cooking, washing food to serve it in an adjacent area. To be more efficient and still look modern, just use multifunctional furniture. For example, make a multifunctional sink sink (kitchen sink) into a table. So, when the cover is lifted, the sink can be worn, when closed it becomes a large table top.

Use the bar counter

If it is not possible to make a dining room or put a large dining table near your kitchen, just use the bar table. This concept is suitable for you who live alone at home or newly married couples. With a bar counter in the kitchen you can save space in your home and this table can also be an insulator or border between the kitchen with another room in the house.

Maximize Storage

Keep the kitchen equipment into the cabinet or kitchen set for the kitchen to always look neat. Do not let your cooking utensils fall apart in the table top. If the storage area is fully loaded and no longer loads your kitchen equipment, immediately declutter the contents of storage in your kitchen.

Think before buying

Avoid buying kitchen utensils or cooking utensils that you do not really need or just use occasionally. When you look at a new item and think about buying it, wait for a week, do you really still think about it because it needs it or you have just forgotten it because it’s just a momentary desire.

Window near the kitchen

The tiny minimalist kitchen can be stuffy and crowded when you use cooking if there is not enough ventilation in the kitchen. In addition to functioning as an air exchange, windows can also make the kitchen look more spacious.

How to Renovate the House According to The Budget

Renovating the house is often a cost that is not small, and not infrequently the cost incurred exceeds the budget cost planned. For that knowledge of how to renovate the house according to the budget is required, so that what has been budgeted can be achieved with the maximum.

Here’s how to renovate the house according to the budget that can increase your knowledge:

  • Create a priority scale so renovation does not swell

We need to make a priority scale in doing home renovation. For example, if indeed the original goal to create a bedroom for children, then do as planned. If you do not focus on the priority scale, the costs to be incurred will be inflated. While the limited budget.

  • Make a workstation volume count

There are many methods of calculating the renovation budget as described above. Try checking one by one as a comparison material. Choose the most cost-effective method. Perform detailed budget calculations by calculating the volume and prices of all the work to be done. If you are disciplined in doing this then the value of your building will be maximal, cost-efficient results look good.

Just to remind again, how to calculate the cost of renovation is to compile all the components of the work from the initial stages of development to the stage of completion of work. Detailed job components such as land clearing, cut and fill, safety fence, mobilization, and demobilization, then continued with civil works such as foundation construction, sloof, column, wall and roof coverings have standard cost component.

  • Calculate spending plan

In making the calculation of the cost you can do yourself like a guide that has been given. If you are not satisfied also you can consult the experts, could be friends, builders, or online consultation in several media provider of building consultancy services online. Do not forget, the preparation of the Budget Plan (RAB) must be based on the type of material and work components.

  • Save on the other side of unexpected expenses

When renovations often we are stuck to compete with the environment. See neighbors build a house with marble and teak wood and then we follow-

Room Partition Idea and Tips

Having a small and minimalist home today is indeed the target of many people, especially those who have a small number of family members. In addition, the design of small and minimalist homes today are increasingly diverse and the price will not be as expensive as a house with a larger size. Even so, having a small and minimalist house should make the owner think about how to organize in placing furniture and goods owned.

Room Partition Idea and Tips

1. Budget

Before deciding to buy a partition, remember about the budget. Budget is not just related to the purchase of ready-made partition. But the installation of partitions must also be considered. After that you can measure the room to be partitioned. Room measurements need to be done to reduce errors in installing a partition.

2. Customize With Room Design

Choose a design that matches the theme you want to display. Since there are currently many different types of delimiters, you have to decide whether to keep a completely closed-in barrier or a pseudo-delimiter that can be seen from another room.

3. Material Type

In addition to the thing to note in addition to the design, is the selection of material types of partitions. We all know, partitions are divided into two namely, permanent partitions and not permanent. If the partition is not permanent, try not to damage the other elements of the room such as walls and floors. And if you want to install a permanent partition, make sure you make a plan before deciding to create a partition.

4. Appropriate Fishing Materials 

Note the fishing material whether it is in accordance with the design concept. After all so, you may switch to other affairs. Namely harmonize the partition with other furniture. In this case you should equate the type of partition material with other furniture.

Comfortable Living Room Decoration

Living room is a room that has a double or multi function. In addition to being a place to receive guests, your neighbors, or family and friends, the living room is also often the place of a family event or other event that is small and does not require a large space.

Well because the living room has quite a lot of functions, it is very important for homeowners to make the living room quite comfortable so that everyone who comes and sits in the guest room will not be disturbed by anything.

Tips on Comfortable Living Room Decoration

Consult To The Interior Designers

Consulting about the design of the living room to the interior designer is actually a wise choice, because in addition to obtaining a slick design, can also reduce costs caused by various things. Many people think that hiring interior design services in building a living room will cost more, in fact quite the opposite. Interior designers will provide an estimate of the costs incurred in accordance with the Budget Plan agreed upon from the outset. So there are no unexpected costs, development error costs, and so forth.

Add Pillows For Your Convenience

Pillows are simple accessories that can add more color to your living room. Make sure to combine the color of their seats with the color and design of walls, floors, curtains, sofas and other furniture. The addition of this pillow also adds to your comfort in the rest of the guest room.

Choosing a Match or Good Lamp

contemporary living room deco with crystal lamps

A good choice is to give your living room enough light for your living room. Instead of using a high power consumption lamp, use a light to illuminate your living room. You can choose to have a desk lamp placed on a side table or a high-size purchase lamp can also move. You can also install lights on the wall. Most importantly choose a light that fits with your living room decor, in order to unite.

Show Some Artwork

A good idea when decorating your living room is to showcase their collection of artwork. Do you have pictures of famous painters? Is it a work of art such as porcelain statues, vases and other collections? You can use these pieces as decoration in your living room. For example hanging a big picture on the sofa. Even if nothing is possible you can make your own paintings.

In addition to some tips above, to get a comfortable living room, you can design your living room by using your favorite colors. Choose a bright and neutral color to give the impression of cheerful and fun.