Various Garden Chair Idea

Enjoying the morning and afternoon atmosphere in the home garden is a fun activity you can do around the house. Lounging around while doing light activities such as reading, studying, or even chatting with the closest people would be fun. But of course you need a comfortable chair and according to your needs.

Various garden chair idea that you can use and tailored to the needs as below can make the atmosphere outside the room so more memorable. With a variety of models and raw materials, these chairs look attractive and unique to occupy. Here we present a variety of lawn chairs for you to relax outdoors.

  • Hanging chairs on the porch of the house

With the style of hanging and wicker rattan artfully high, this chairlift looks elegant with comfortable pads. You can comfortably relax on the porch without fear of rain and heat, and surely you can sleep in this chairlift.

  • Hammocks for relaxing activities around the house

Looks like this hammock-shaped hanging chair is suitable to be a relaxing spot around the house. You just look for a tree or a roof that can be hung and in an instant you can sleep and do not want to move. Reading books while swinging around like a sleeping little baby.

  • Wooden chairs like on the beach

What if your backyard atmosphere also has a beach view in it. With this beach-style lounge chair you are sunbathing but also enjoying a warm bonfire.

How to Take Care of Your Garden

For those of you who want to take care of your front garden, here are some tips how to take care of your garden that you can apply to take care of the plants in the garden front of your house to keep looking beautiful.

1. Flush the plant correctly

If the plants in your home garden are planted with pot media, you should water them properly. The trick is that every pot must have a sphere for the water discharge. Flush the plants until the water overflows and out of the hole. And stop immediately when the water is out because if the excess water of the plant will easily rot.

2. Add moisture

How do I know that your plants are less moist? The trick is very easy, you can see your plants, if you find brown spots on the leaves, then certainly your plants need moisture. So move immediately to a more humid place.

3. Lighting

Not all plants can live in a dark place. Some of them need enough lighting to be able to photosynthesize. Therefore, make sure your plants get the right sunlight, because it is very important.

4. Change the land

Sometimes plants still can not grow up even if they get enough lighting and water. If that happens, the solution is to replace the planting medium. It does not have to replace it with charcoal or crystal, but replace it with new soil in order to renew the nutrients of the plant.

5. Clean the plants

Not only humans who want to look clean, plants also wanted the same thing. The trick is to clean the leaves by leaf with a soft cloth, this method is used to prevent plants from dust.

6. Check for pests and insects

Plants and flowers that flourish can attract the attention of pests, as well as insects. But it is not a good thing if they do not help pollination but instead damage the plants. Well if you find the signs of your plants began to be attacked by pests and insects, immediately get rid of with pest and insect repellent.

7. Replace the pot

Replace the pot according to the size and age of the plant. It will help the plants to grow better.

8. Cut twigs

Cutting a twig or a dry leaf that is annoying will not make the plant die. Instead, this will make the plants grow for the better.

9. Natural fertilizer

Add dirt and compost to the soil for the nutrients needed during the growth period can be obtained with the maximum. Try to consult with people who give seeds of plants about good composition.

10. Do not let your plants grow on their own

Just like humans, plants also do not like and can not live alone. So try to buy another plant and place it close together.


Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When your daughter is older and can sleep on her own, you can start preparing a room for your daughter. You can set up a room for your daughter, and usually the design for the girls room tends to have more choices.

Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Rooms Theme

The theme becomes the core points in interior room design. Design our children room with a room atmosphere rich in color with the room decoration that there are beautiful and funny things. You can use the room with the theme of flowers, princess, or their favorite cartoon themed. In determining this theme, you can involve the role of your daughter to choose her own preferred theme.

2. Basic Color

Color used for this room usually use a vibrant color of a combination of several colors or bright colors such as pink, red, yellow, orange, and navy blue.

3. Room Wall Decoration

Use the decoration on the walls for our child’s room. Easier, you can use wall wallpaper as wall decoration room. Use beautiful wallpaper and funny wallpaper, and adjust to your child’s request. The advantage of using this wallpaper is that you can replace it with another wallpaper so that your child is not bored.

4. Furniture


Furniture can be the main attraction in a room, for that use unique and interesting furniture. We can use the table, mattress, sofa and mirror that has a theme and unique. Now there are many furniture available-room furniture devoted to girls, so you do not have to worry anymore to look for it.


Minimalist Stairs Design Ideas

Stairs are an important part in a terraced house. The ladder itself has a main function as a liaison between the room below with the room above. Along with the development of time, in making the ladder, not only pay attention in terms of function only, but also the ladder model. This can be an added value that can add the aesthetic value of a home. Lots of unique and nice staircase models that can be used as a reference for the stairs in your home.

However, this time we will discuss is a minimalist wooden staircase model. Design of wooden ladder is indeed very popular today, because not only make your home seem elegant but still natural. And the material made of wood also adds a natural impression on your home.

The functional ladder helps us to climb down from the top floor to the bottom. But other forms and functions can be created. One of them like this, suitable for small houses. Functional, practical and able to store other items. Like the example below.

In below design, wood becomes the belle for the material rung. Just one line up, really simple and functional. But the color of this ladder blends with the nearby wall. Make your Home not feel full and pleasing to the eye.

For a small room, white color becomes your best friend. Neutral, receiving light well and giving the impression of infinite breadth. Adding some picture on the wall. This classic ladder style will never be boring.

Minimalist design below will always be the best for small room. On a ladder, a few drawn lines on a white wall can provide an elegant picture, and a practical and functional aspect.

Choosing the Right Curtain for Your Home

Window curtains in addition to functioning to block the heat, can also serve to beautify the look of your home. And now a lot of choices include curtains, colors, materials, motifs, size and price. Here are tips on choosing the right curtain for your home.

1. Choosing a Curtain Model

Choose a model of curtains for the window of the room and the window of the house in accordance with the color of the walls and furniture contained in the house.

2. Choosing Color Curtains

Adjust the color of the curtains with the color of your room paint. Color curtains you can specify according to your taste, but do not forget to adjust the color of the room paint.

3. Choosing a Curtain Theme

For a house with a minimalist design can use a minimalist curtain or with semi spanish model. For semi-spanish curtain model has many shades when compared with ordinary minimalist curtains.

Both options can be used as consideration for the front window minimalist home. But, you should not choose curtains with excessive style and looks crowded because it will not fall with the house minimalist and looks not good.

4. Choosing a Curtain Motif

If in the house there are many wallpaper wallpaper with many motifs, it would be better if choosing a curtain that is not patterned. Because if you still choose a patterned curtains will give the impression of monotony in the house and impressed tacky. Therefore adjust the curtain motif with wall color, furniture color, and the color of the window frame. If you want to keep using with many models, use vintrage (plain curtains) are plain and white to slightly neutralize the color.

5. Selecting Curtain Materials

If the house is often exposed to sunlight, choose blackout curtains, because this material is easy to ward off the sun. If the glass house using riben materials, can choose curtains with a thinner material, whereas if you want to give a more luxurious impression using import curtain model.

Choosing the right curtain for your home will provide comfort and add aesthetic value to every window of your home. Therefore, find a good curtain as you wish.



Diy Cleaning Your Bathroom Tips

Cleaning the bathroom is not as difficult as you imagine and also does not take much time! You need strategies and cleaning products to clean every part of the bathroom. Here are diy cleaning your bathroom tips that you can try at home.

Clean the sink

When cleaning the bathroom, the sink is one of the easiest parts to clean and does not require much equipment. All you need is a good microfiber cloth and cleanser and a cracker-decay product for bathroom parts that are vulnerable to lime crust.

  • Move everything from inside or around the sink.
  • Fill the sink with hot water so that the steam helps to remove impurities.
  • Empty the sink, then pour the special cleaning product, to lift the lime crust.
  • Wash the sink thoroughly.
  • If you want to remove the unpleasant odor, add a little baking soda powder then wipe and rinse.
  • Rinse the sink then wipe it clean.

Cleaning the toilet

One part of the bathroom that is often overlooked is the closet. This work is easy to do if we use the right equipment. You are free to choose among the many choices of available toilet cleaning products, whether powdered or liquid. You also need a toilet brush, rubber gloves and a sponge.

  • After wearing gloves, flush the toilet to clean it.
  • Pour toilet cleaning products at the inner periphery of the toilet.
  • Rub the inside of the bowl using a toilet brush. Follow the instructions on the toilet cleaning kit. For stubborn stains, pour and let cleaners sit for a few minutes.
  • Flush the toilet again, and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the results are satisfactory.
  • Use a sponge to wipe the edges, holder, cover, and outer wall of the toilet. After that, wipe the entire surface using a clean dry cloth.
  • Avoid mixing acid-based toilet cleansers with carbolic acid. Always follow the instructions on any toilet cleaning product label.

Cleaning the bathroom (Other Part)

After making sure the main parts in your bathroom are clean and tidy, it’s time to clean the other parts.

  • If your bathroom is a dry bathroom, dry floor mop with floor cleaning products or mop. To clean ceramic or porcelain walled bathroom walls, use a disinfectant to wipe it off.
  • Make inventory of items in the bathroom cabinet (if any) and remove the empty boxes and bottles of shampoo or soap.

To be optimal, you need to clean the bathroom once a week. The process of cleaning the bathroom will not take too much time because you do not let the stains and dirt become crust