How to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

Using ceramics for the bathroom floor has several advantages such as endurance becomes stronger, moisturized and easy to clean. The ceramics you choose should match the theme and design motifs of the bathroom in order to create a comfortable interior when viewed.

The selection of ceramic patterns will definitely determine the visual of the bathroom interior that affects the aesthetics and beauty of your bathroom room. If one chose the motive of course you will spend more to replace it, do not let it happen to your bathroom.

When you choose bathroom tiles, consider choosing a ceramic with a slick anti-texture. This is to keep your comfort and safety while in the bathroom. If you want to buy and install ceramic without glaze, then you must be diligent to clean it because this type of ceramic is very easy to absorb stains.

To make it easier you know how to choose the right bathroom tiles. Here are tips that can be taken into consideration in choosing a ceramic for the bathroom.

  • Determine in advance the design or ceramic motif that will be applied to your bathroom. It is advisable, choose a ceramic that can create harmonization with other room. 
  • Apply the same color of ceramics to the floor and bathroom walls. It would be nice to choose different sizes for wall and floor tiles. In order to create interesting visual effects, you can also install the ceramics diagonally.
  • For the selection of colors, you can choose a paint color contrast with ceramic bathroom. For example, if you use a blue ceramic, you can use the nat in blue, yellow or red to look contrasting. Also make sure you apply adhesive to larger grout lines. This is to protect and preserve the color of the grout itself. 

  • To create a bathroom with a modern style look, use bright and bold colors with plain background shapes and graphics. Do not forget to add accessories and supplies. 

  • If you wish to create a romantic atmosphere. Use flowered ceramics with soft colors like, pink, light blue or light green.

Choosing the Right Floor Type for Your Home

Floor is one of the most important parts of a house. And the floor is usually very rarely replaced since the house was built. Therefore, choosing the right type of floor for a home requires very careful consideration. Moreover, the existing building technology offers so much variety of materials that can be used to coat the floor of the house. Here are some factors you need to consider in choosing the right floor type for your home:

Room Function 

Each room has its own function. The type of floor used should be tailored to each of these functions. For the bathroom, for example, the tile floor is certainly better than the wooden floor. Among the various types of ceramics, ceramic with a rough surface is preferred. Weight of the load that may be borne by the floor also needs to be taken into account.

For example for a garage, the floor should be able to hold the weight of the car, so it takes a strong material, such as granite. Granite floors usually also have small pores so it is not easy to absorb oil spills from the car. The surface was not too slippery so it does not cause the car tire skid.

Room Size

The size of the room will not only affect the amount of costs that must be incurred to purchase flooring material. The size of the room will also affect the color and size of the floor tiles you should install. For a room that is not too broad, light-colored floor will help make the room feel more spacious.

In addition, large tiles will also make the room feel more spacious. Therefore, it is better to choose a floor with a size of tiles large enough for a small room.

How to Clean

To clean the floor in the proper way, you need to understand that each material needs its own way of care. Carpeted floors need to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, so that the dust trapped in the carpet fibers can be perfectly lifted.

Marble floors are relatively easy to clean, but are vulnerable to chemicals contained in certain types of cleaning fluids. Before choosing flooring material, first identify how to clean it. If you are super busy, choose the type of floor that can be cleaned easily and quickly.

Pricing and Maintenance Costs

Different materials of course have different prices. In addition, in one type of material there are various levels of quality that are directly proportional to the price to pay.

However, it is not just the purchase price of the material that you need to take into account. Some types of materials may be cheap, but may require more or more maintenance costs to be damaged. In the long term, this kind of material needs a lot of money.

Beautiful Your Room With Flower Vase

Want to change the room to be more homey and fresh? You can add a flower vase in the middle or in one corner of the room. Currently, the vase made of glass is indeed the most ogled by many people. The design of this type of vase also varies. Start of a tall slim, up to a round.

Moreover, the vase colors that lure more and more can change the atmosphere of the room to be more stylish and modern. Therefore, this type of vase is suitable to be installed in a minimalist model house.

Many ways to beautiful your room with flower vase. Most commonly, some stalks are arranged in vases. Because the shape and type of vases vary, you can display different flower arrangements. One two flower stalks suitable for a high-style minimalist vase. You can also apply another way, that is to cut the flowers just below the petals, then float in a vase filled with water. Put this trinket on the console table foyer, coffee table living room and sitting room, on the stairs, shelves, dining table or near the window.

Although more expensive, the beauty of fresh flowers can not be replaced with plastic flowers. Although it can only be enjoyed for a while, you can ‘juggle’ the dried flowers into potpourri. The use of vase now is not merely as a place to put flowers. The more creative, the more that can be applied. Like putting twigs in the sand, fill them with colorful hydrogels, make a rainbow in a newfangled convex vase, or just leave them empty. Uniquely, glass vases, especially large ones, can also be a display without filled flowers or other objects. Vases and flowers can be displayed separately. You can put it on the guest table, dining table, or on the shelf.

Water Pipe Installation Guide

A habitable home certainly requires a clean water pipeline because it is one of the things that must exist in the dwelling. Planning the clean water installation can be made properly according to technical rules so that the process of water distribution for home purposes can run smoothly and efficiently. Here are some important factors in water pipe installation guide:

Water sources

In this section is to understand from which clean water for your home needs will be supplied. In general, the availability of a decent water source for the home needs is a pipeline of government water company and groundwater.

Once you have determined the appropriate type of water source, then the plumbing can be planned more carefully. For example is: If using water source from government water company, of course you will be given distribution line from pipe which have been provided by government water company manager and you are prohibited to modify pipe size or change it yourself.

The use of ground water in the sense of making your own well and installing a water pump will make it easier for you to manage your water needs as long as the water source is always available and not drought.

Installation Model

There are two types of water pipe installation model that you can apply by adjusting the field conditions and the availability of budget funds.

Closed Systems. Pipe installation of this model is also called the term circular connection means the entire end of the pipe connected without disconnecting. The advantage is to make the water pressure stronger and when there is a water tap in the open simultaneously it will get the same water debit.

Open Systems. With the cheaper cost, the installation of this type of water pipe if wrong in the planning there will be many problems in the future such as unequal water discharge between the faucet one with another, and if damage at any point will make some distribution channels dead totally Got water supply.

Installation Location

According to the technical procedures of installation of a sewer installation there are two methods to choose from, namely embedded and attached installations. For the embedded will certainly look neater because it is in the ground or walls, but also still complicate if later there is repair or maintenance.