Crypt-ON – P2P Platform for Secure Cryptocurrency Trading

Today I would like to introduce a new project, that is Crypt-ON. Crypt-ON digital token is an important project unit. Its main task is to provide trust in the network between the participants of the platform.

What is Crypt-ON ?

Crypt-ON is a P2P platform that provides safe and secure cryptocurrency trading based on blockchain technology. The Crypt-ON platform provides you with 4 services, namely, escrow trading, p2p lending, work sharing for freelancer chronologists and exchanges in the P2P area (exchange of cryptocurrency on fiat using geolocation-based search).

Crypt-ON seeks to bring together people from all over the world involved in the cryptoindustry, which allows them to quickly and safely interact with partners in various fields at all stages of cooperation. Crypt-ON is not only a solution to current problems when performing p2p cryptocurrency transactions, but also creating a global workspace for crypto operators from around the world.

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Ethershift – Quick and Easy Exchange

Bitcoin or any other cryptoactive, It is widespread penetration of cryptocurrency into our lives that has led many developers to release not only the usual stock exchanges for the sale of assets, but also the creation of exchanges specifically related to cryptocurrency. One of the examples of good cryptocurrency exchanges will just be a project on our today’s review – Ethershift. but also to the creation of exchanges specifically related to cryptocurrency.

What is Ethershift ?

Ethershift is the new Exchange ERC20 token that provides the easiest way to acquire new and new markers before listing their large exchanges! A service that allows users to quickly and easily exchange between different ERC20 tokens at a market rate minus a commission, without any difficulty in registering at the stock exchange or learning how to use a decentralized exchange, such as IDEX.

Decentralized exchanges, such as IDEX, are amazing, but many average cryptocurrency investors feel that they are too complicated, and therefore many excellent projects never get the impact they deserve. Ethershift makes the process of acquiring the best and new and affordable tokens easier than ever before. Continue reading “Ethershift – Quick and Easy Exchange”

W12 – Blockchain Protocol for Creating and Executing Smart Contracts

About 5.67 billion dollars were invested in the ICO , as a result they were closed or turned out to be fraudsters.
At the moment, it is obvious that the market needs to be changed, improved, because truly good projects cannot collect investments with such a position in the market. Trust in projects comes to a minimum.
I heard about W12 project that can solve similar problems in the iCO market.  Let’s analyze this project in more detail.

What is W12?

W12 is an open protocol for making and executing smart contracts. The protocol is made from smart contracts templates, DAO management and a decentralized oracle network that controls the implementation of the project roadmap. Continue reading “W12 – Blockchain Protocol for Creating and Executing Smart Contracts”

EtainPower – Decentralized Platform for Renewable Green Energy

Today, everybody in the whole world uses electricity, applying it in many areas of life, enterprises rely heavily on this resource as an energy source for the smooth operation of equipment and the entire process as a whole. It is produced mainly by burning various minerals, which in turn can release harmful impurities, gas, and have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

Energy distribution is carried out by large monopoly organizations and it is difficult for small businesses to stay in this market and confidently compete with such giants. As a result, they easily set a price that rises almost every year, while in some cases it is spent uneconomically and inefficiently.

This situation can be solve by considering the use of renewable green energy from natural sources such as water, sun, wind, but today such installations require significant investments and the state, banks have changed subsidy policies and entrepreneurs have to find themselves a large part of the initial capital for start.

Mostly accepted ideas that offer traditional options for power generation, as they are more studied and stable. This situation leads to global warming and climate change in general, which adversely affects the flora, fauna and the person himself. But a reasonable solution and solution is offered by an ambitious project called EtainPower

EtainPower creates a decentralized platform-market for renewable green energy using artificial intelligence, which will allow each user or creator of such sources to directly interact with each other from anywhere in the world.

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Alpha-X – The New Generation Cryptocurrency

Alpha-X is a totally new age of unscrambling innovation dependent on the X13 calculation utilizing the Stake Network (POS) Proof Of Stake organize. Exchanges in the Alpha-X blockchain are quick, mysterious, individual and profoundly secure. Our inspiration isn’t just to offer virtual money (plastic cards) yet additionally to give liquidity and accessibility in the market progressively.

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MeFy -The Future of Healthcare

I mainly consider reviews of promising companies that link blockchain with finances, as this is a huge market in which there is a lot of money. This is beneficial for both companies and investors. But we do not often meet companies that implement blockchain in other sectors of the global infrastructure. But it is precisely the development of less profitable from the financial point of view industries that push the market and technology forward and make it possible to receive big dividends.

Today I want to tell you about the company MeFy, which provides the low-income population of the globe with full and affordable medical care, while people have the opportunity to make positive changes in life, getting professional treatment at the lowest cost.

More than half of the world’s population lives below the poverty line. In Africa alone, out of 54 countries, 33 live below the extreme poverty line. GDP per capita in them does not exceed $ 750 per year, the level of health care, education does not reach the minimum standards. Within the UN, the name “least developed countries” is used for such countries.

In most cases, the cause of the problems of these countries are: corruption, climatic conditions, wars, external debts and an unfair distribution of financial services. Residents of the poorest countries are in dire need of help, capable of at least a little improvement in their standard of living. Continue reading “MeFy -The Future of Healthcare”